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Hi I'm Juliana Hutchins Kyer

I'm a mom, wife, granny, an artist, a nurse, a scooter rider and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mural artist married to a train engineer. I'm also a nurse who's last stint was with disaster nursing with the Red Cross. I ride my very cool scooter all over the state visiting family and friends. I even ride it to church sometimes (it's a 'girl's" bike, I can ride it in a dress!) I love my husband, my mom and brothers and I love my children and grandchildren who all live far away. I raised them to be independent and adventurous so I guess that's what I get instead of kids that live near me.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Mormon pioneer family. But I'm not a "normal" Mormon. I married in the Temple and bore 4 great children. However things happened and our marriage fell apart. I fell away from the church, feeling awkward and left out going to church as a single mom with 4 little kids. I was "offended". That was the biggest mistake of my life. I still had a testimony of God and prayer but just didn't go to church and more importantly, didn't take my children. I later married a wonderful man who was an exceptional husband and father to the children, mine, his and also some foster kids we took in. 9 in all. However, he was an athiest. During our marriage he taught me to communicate and I taught him that he has a spirit and a creator, and his creator loves him and we can communicate with Him through prayer. Because of his experience with "religion" as a youth, that is all he could believe in, in this life. 8 years into our marriage he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was horrible. I was taking care of him and our 9 children and was overwhelmed. Somehow "those Mormons" got wind of our predicament and started bringing food, doing yard work and all kinds of other service. I felt weird accepting their service, but I NEEDED their help...anybodys! My husband died after a year. I still didn't go to church for several more years. I drifted in and out of relationships and finished raising my last 2 children. I was lost. We moved to a new home that "just happened" to be next door to a Mormon church. The kids there fellowshiped my son and he joined the church. I was at a horrible low in my life and decided to try church again. WHEN I WALKED INTO THAT BUILDING I FELT I WAS HOME! Peace filled my soul! I went into the Bishop, told him my story including my sins and was welcomed with open arms. I vowed that I would NEVER leave again. I've since gone through many more trials, but have learned and am grateful for each one. I'm now happily married to my childhood friend.

How I live my faith

I was just called as the music conductor in our ward. It's funny because it seems art is my A#1 talent, but a blessing I was given as a teenager told me to pursue music so that I could be "useful wherever I go" in church. I've always had a song in my heart...I sing a lot to myself, and I took a couple of years of piano lessons. I've also done the children's music in church a lot. It just seems that music is where I usually end up. I guess I need to work more with it. With this calling I will! I've also taught a lot. Teenagers the bible, little children gospel stories, I"ve been a scout leader and taught the boys about everything from art to hiking to helicopters and training dogs. I'm a visiting teacher which I love. I've made the best lifelong friends with my visiting teaching ladies! Being a visiting teacher has taught me not only about service to an assigned lady, but to seek out need and give service to my neighbors and strangers alike. Just like those people did for me a long time ago when I needed help so desperately.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

Juliana Hutchins Kyer
I was visiting my daughter a couple of years ago and we decided to go to another church, one that her foster daughter liked to go to. The Unitarian church. It is a really nice church with very good people in it. I have several friends that go to one here where I live. Anyway, they sang a song there. It went something like this: Where did I come from, what am I doing here? What is my purpose? Where am I going? Questions, questions,questions and we can't know the answers". I wanted to jump up SO bad and raise my hand and say Ooooooh! I know the answers to that!!!!!!!! I can tell you! But it wouldn't have been appropriate in that setting at that time, but I'm going to tell you, now. Death is only our "graduation" from earth. Did we graduate with honors? How did we conduct ourselves with the knowledge and abilities we were given in this life. This life is a TEST. When we are done with this life, our spirits will go on to a rest, where we will teach or be taught the gospel to/by others. I'm personally hoping my dad is helping my husband (the one who died) learn what he needs to learn, that he could not learn in his mortal state. We will later be judged and placed where we, between what we have earned and what Christ has taken on for us, will be most comfortable. If we're most comfortable around really good people, that's where we'll be. If were most comfortable around the scoundrels of the earth, that's where we'll be, and also there's places for mediocre people. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Juliana Hutchins Kyer
There is only one way to know whether Mormonism is true, and that is to ask God. In James 1:5-6, we are counseled that if we want to know truth, we must sincerely pray, really wanting to know the answer to ask if what we are reading or learning is true. We need to study, and listen for an answer. The answer comes to different people different ways, but for me, it usually comes with a warm sweet feeling that makes me smile. Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes it is intense, but it always comes. If the answer is "no", then I have a stupor of thought...I cant even remember what I was asking or it just becomes unimportant. Sometimes these answers come when I ask, other times it comes when I'm, maybe singing a song or hearing a talk, and the spirit testifies to me with that warm, wonderful feeling that truth is being spoken. Show more Show less