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Hi I'm Kayla

I'm a wife, Mother, crafter, continuous student, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a stay at home Mom of three fun loving boys. Yep, you heard it, three boys! Our house is full of craziness and lots of laughter! I spend most of my day chasing around my one year old who is such a love. I am in the process of learning sign language with him and it's a lot of fun for us. I volunteer a lot at my boys' Montessori school which has quickly become another family/home to us :-). I have many, many hobbies I have ventured into and plan to continue in the near future, but at this point in time my kids are my entire focus. I attend every field trip, drop them off/pick them up from school everyday, and try to make sure they know that I am here for them. In return they make me feel like the most beautiful and best Mom in the world. I am the wife of a wonderful man that works hard for me to be able to be home with my kids. He supports me whenever I have crazy ideas and lets me do whatever I feel is best. I love crafts but I can never stay on one project for very long :-) I jump from sewing, to wood work, to paper crafting, to scrapbooking, to quilting, to photography, to jewelry making, then to whatever else looks fun to try that day :-). I've recently learned how to can things like tomatoes, meat, green beans, peaches, and jams. I am always looking up new recipes to try, even though I don't really enjoy cooking :-) I think I do that because I get bored cooking real food..... I just want to bake! I am a constant student, I want to learn anything and everything!

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized a member of the church when I was eight years old. I had a basic understanding of the gospel and a love for my savior. It felt right being baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I will never forget the feeling I had that day. As I grew, I developed a relationship with my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. I gained a stronger testimony of them and of The Book of Mormon, the Bible, the restoration of the gospel, Joseph Smith, modern day prophets, Tithing, regular attendance of meetings, Temple work, service, and much more. All of these testimonies of individual gospel principles came with time, practice, and obedience to the covenants I made at baptism. Everyday I thank Heavenly Father for giving me everything I have... a home, a family, the gospel, health, joy, income, everything. One day a friend asked me "if you were not raised Mormon, would you be one?" My first response was "I sure hope so! If the missionaries had found me and I gave them a chance to teach me, I know I would be one for sure because I think I would know I was missing something very important in my life." Afterwards I pondered that and it made me feel extremely blessed to have been raised in the gospel. Being a "Mormon" takes a lot of commitment, but it is so rewarding. I liken it to parenthood....it can be exhausting with all that you must do to be a good parent, but would you give your child up just for a fleeting break? My children may bring me stress, but they also bring me tremendous amounts of lasting joy. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings more joy to my life then I can even express. My Savior has given me everything I have and the least I can do in return is serve my fellow beings the way he would want me to and live my life the very best I can by keeping the promises I have made to him. I am a Mormon because I love it! I love my Savior and know without a doubt that he knows us personally and loves us more then we realize.

How I live my faith

I try my hardest to see people the way our Heavenly Father wants me too, as a brother or sister (only better) :-) LOL. He wants us to be kind, patient, and loving to those around us. Though at times it can be hard to love someone no matter what, and try to get along with them, but it is do-able. There are definitely times I know I fail at this... like when my boys are fighting with each other and completely ignoring me and driving me up the wall :-) but luckily there is understanding and forgiveness from or Heavenly Father :-) I try to serve people as much as possible without letting that get in the way of my family. It is a balancing act but not an impossible one. Currently I serve in the primary organization working with children ranging from 3 years old to 12 years old. They have quickly become my favorite to work with because you can feel how much love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them. Most of the time, those two hours on Sundays are crazy :-) but well worth it! I have had opportunities to serve in leadership positions with the women’s organization (the Relief Society) and the teenage girls (Young Women’s organization), and each time I claim that it's my favorite =). I just can't make up my mind, I guess. I think when you go through life knowing that you have a loving Heavenly Father who cares very much about you and you serve those around you with a good attitude, it is very hard to be unhappy. My faith has brought me lasting joy and I feel a responsibility to be a positive moment in someone's day. If I see that someone could use some help, or even just a smile or positive greeting, I do my best to do that for them. Not only may it brighten their day, but it helps me go through mine a little happier. Though I know I can never live up to my Savior's example of love and service, I can sure try, and enjoy the journey while I'm on it :-)