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Hi I'm Patricia

I'm a world traveler and researcher and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Gee, how do you boil down a full life into just a few words? I have had many experiences and seen much… I’ve volunteered during major disasters and in community groups, raised my family, lived through the death of my parents and husband. I’ve survived cancer, died in recovery after surgery and been brought back to life, seen most of the United States and traveled to China researching lullabies. I’ve hosted exchange students from around the world in my home. I graduated with Masters in Communication in my 50s. With all I’ve seen and done there is NOTHING more precious to me than my testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. That testimony has gotten me through the death of children, abusive relationships, health problems, and money problems. Living and improving myself through gaining greater understanding of the Restored Gospel has multiplied my joys and divided my sorrows. Anywhere I go I can find a meetinghouse with the same comforting truths and people who love and are dedicated to living lives of devotion to their families and to Jesus Christ. I have had some great experiences teaching children and adults, and attending parties, conferences, and work days. Life is very rich. I am a financially challenged widow, but my LIFE is very rich and happy. I owe so very much to my Savior Jesus Christ and I am so grateful that he has re-established His church. Hey, truth be known, I’m hopelessly flawed, but that’s okay...I’m working on it and enjoying life along the way.

Why I am a Mormon

When I walked into a meetinghouse in 1975 I was wearing a sari and everything I owned fit into a small trunk. People were warm and non-judgmental. All my life I had been searching for something. I wanted to know who I am and I needed to find the nature of God and the Universe. I searched in Western religions and Eastern religions. I read many of the religious texts of most of the religions I sought answers from. When I read the testimonies of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon I was impressed. These men swore to God that what they were saying is true. That is no small thing...to swear by whatever God you believe in that what you say is true demands some respect and attention. When I heard the missionaries, I could hear truth in their voices. I know relative truth, men have those relative truths all the time--truth relative to the circumstance or their own reasoning, but here I heard the voice of truth from God. Bit by bit I learned and prayed and listened to the voice of truth as it whispered and bore record to me. I learned the Plan of Salvation and many of my quests found answers. There have been challenges and bumps in the road, but always the answer of increased faith in Jesus Christ, and increased understanding of His role as Savior and Redeemer has brought peace and happiness. Knowing that a Savior is necessary because all mankind falls short of perfection and yet nothing imperfect can dwell in the presence of God and that Jesus Christ is the Savior has helped me accept Christianity. Knowing that there was an apostasy and a restoration has been important in helping me understand why there were so many conflicting ideas about religion in the Christian faith. Life isn't easy, but the gospel is always something I can count on. It is a rock and a truth I can always depend on. My active membership in the church blesses my life in ways I cannot fully describe. It has given me hope when I thought there was none and charity and purpose in the face of adversity.

How I live my faith

I like to pray regularly to my Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ. I get impressions that help me as I make choices in how I want to live. I attended Institute of Religion when I attended college and I learned a lot about the scriptures and enjoyed growing. I like to read scriptures and listen to Conference talks so I can review what the church leaders feel inspired to say that might help me and help me help others. I have served in many of the church's organizations as a teacher and am currently enjoying working in my church job where I get to meet many people and share the gospel and my personal testimony with them. I recently brought pizzas to a work party sponsored by our ward to scrape the old paint off of a gazebo in a community park and re-paint it. I pick people up who have no transportation and give them a ride to church, but this is fun since I like talking with people. I enjoy attending my church meetings where I learn from the lives and testimonies of others. I love attending the temple. There is an especially sweet loving spirit there and I feel closer to those I have loved and lost as I serve and attend there. I also enjoy Relief Society and am so grateful for a women's organization whose motto is "Charity Never Faileth". It is a pleasure to associate with women who have good hearts and love to serve and love the Lord and their families and try to make the world a better place through community service projects. I try to be just a little better person every day.