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Hi I'm Melinda

I'm a working mother. I'm a thinker. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Melinda and I am married and have four kids. I grew up in a little town, but knew I wasn't a small town girl and I have happily settled into suburban life. I have a bachelor's degree in English, an MA in Communications and I recently completed a Principal's certificate so that I could change my life a little and move from teaching into school administration. I love working with teachers and students and even though I miss my classroom some days, I feel like I made the right choice. I've chosen to work while also raising my kids. I'm extremely fortunate to have a husband who supports me and the choices I've made. Still, at times I've felt working mother's guilt - who hasn't?! I'm really proud that my kids have been able to see that I do more than take care of them, I take care of lots of kids. They have a sense that I'm a person, rather than only being their mother. The bonus is that since I work where my teenagers go to high school, I get to see them during their school day from time to time. Working while trying to be a good wife and mother is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure! I love my family more than anything, but I also love what I get to go do every day. I love to exercise and travel, but if I had a day to myself I'd probably spend it with a good book, a Diet Coke and my hammock.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a believer that challenges allow us to grow if we look at them as lessons to be learned and ask for God's help to get us though them. A few years back my marriage was close to ending and part of the reason that we have worked through some big differences is that I believe that families are part of the reason that we are here. When I have been at the end of my own abilities, I have been given the insight, the courage and the capability to do more than what I believed was possible. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers me guidance that allows me to make decisions that will make me and my family happier. While I certainly don't claim to have all the answers I do know that my life has purpose to it and my choice to follow the Savior matters. I believe that God loves all of his children and that he is not only aware of me and my circumstances, but that He is aware of others as well. That perspective has helped me look at situations from the other side and when someone makes a choice that I don't understand I try to take a step back and remind myself that if I believe God loves me, then He must love all of His children just as much. When I think about what gets me through the really hard times, it's my faith. I find that knowing I am part of something larger than myself, that I can't always explain in words, gives me the courage to face my challenges and hope that something better is out there. That's why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I am currently the president of the women's organization (the Relief Society) in my ward. I love what I do! I firmly believe that strong, educated, courageous women are what the world needs more of. I work to encourage, to lift, to teach and to remind them of who they are and what amazing things they are capable of doing. If I know anything of who Jesus Christ is, I know that He had compassion and cared for those he loved. That's what I get be a part of -helping take care of women and helping them take care of one another.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

The Mormon women are sometimes stereotyped as crafty, bread bakers who can copious amounts of food from their gardens. That might be true for some of us, but we are so much more. Some of the Mormon women I know do bake bread, other's don't. Some sew, some don't. Some love to do crafts, some love to buy the crafts others make. The truth is that Mormon women are a more diverse lot that some might think. Some of us have college degrees, some of us don't. Some of us are returning to school as our children grow up. What we have in common is a love of the Savior and a willingness to try to follow Him. We love our families and we work as hard as we can to make them work. Mormons view men and women as being equally essential to Heavenly Father's plan. Husbands and wives who view each other as equal partners are following gospel principles in creating a successful and happy marriage. Show more Show less