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Hi I'm Tina

I'm a Mormon and proud to be a member of the Church.

About Me

I am a single mother with 5 beautiful daughters. I went to Church College of NZ for 3 years 19 and made some awesome friends who I am still in contact with. I live in Perth, Western Australia with my girls. We love to adventure and go away on camping trips, go to the beach pretty much everyday in summer and most other days during the rest of the year. i often make up calendar activities and plan what we will be doing each month so the children get some cultural and fun activities and experiences. We are going to Monkey Mia for a camping trip this school holidays, its a 8 hr drive North and the longest I have had to drive with all the children in the car!! We are all very excited and cant wait to see the dolphins and chillax on the beach at the resort!! I have lived in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast surfed the coast from North Beach all the way down to Byron Bay!! Lived all over the North Island of NZ from the top to the bottom but never set foot on the South Island....I hate the cold!! When I was younger I did a lot of horse riding went in gymkhanas, rode with the hunt club with the hounds, master etc which I really enjoyed!! Did some study in Equine knowledge and worked as a Veterinary nurse. Moved to Melbourne in 1998 from NZ. Moved to the Sunshine Coast in the end of 1999 I remember all the fireworks going into 2000!! That was a lonely New Years :( new place didnt know anyone and only had my daughter with me at the time. Done Jiu Jitsu and Tang Soo Tao!

Why I am a Mormon

I got baptised when I was 22 and living in Melbourne. Although I had been to CCNZ I had attended as a non member because I was already living the Church standards and believe you me I had plenty of Missionary lessons preparing for baptism but never got baptised. I had a fantasised belief in my head that I wanted to be able to get baptised when I was perfect and able to live the church standards perfectly. I have since learnt you do not need to be perfect and that belief showed how much I had to learn. But I also see now that Satan doesn't want people to get baptised so he will do all he can to stop that from happening. One day I decided I wanted to have my patriarchal blessing (you can learn more about this blessing through talking with the missionaries, but one step at a time!!! remember I had attended CCNZ which meant I knew a lot about the church) you cant get this blessing unless you are a member. When I found out I had to be baptised to get the blessing I was like sign me up!!! I got baptised in Melbourne and then got my blessing. I was so happy and it has helped me so much with so many decisions I have had to make since then. This Church is the restored gospel so in other words it is the same gospel Jesus Christ taught that's why it has his name in the title. We can not get to Heavenly Father unless it is through Jesus Christ. I know from my experience in the Church that we will never stop growing in strength and knowledge. One thing I do regret is not being baptised earlier because it may have prevented so much heartache. I also know that if you stay with the Church and continue to learn and grow the worries of the world don't go away they are made easier to carry and eventually you learn to give them up, so it means you have spiritual freedom and peace and that is the best thing you can ask for in this life. I am learning the true meaning of the light of Christ and to have the true love of Christ for all those around you who you meet each day!

How I live my faith

I go to Church every Sunday with my children. I attend the classes at Church and my children attend theirs. I do my lessons for Church which is easy for me to do because I only teach once a month every 3rd Sunday. All the materials I need are provided and all I have to do is put it all together and learn so much in the process. I pray for opportunities to share the gospel with others. My eldest daughter is so inspiring because she has brought so many of her friends to Church and even though they have not been baptised because their parents or other influences in their lives have stopped them....I know my beautiful daughter has left a light within them because they have felt the spirit and the peace that the truth gives. I try to be a good example to my children....I am not perfect and my children know that, but they also know that I am trying to be like Jesus because he is the best example for us all. I TRY all the time!! I have HOPE!! I have LOVE and CONCERN for others!! I am LEARNING!! I have FAITH!! I get INSPIRED by listening to the words of the Prophet and his counsellors. I read the scriptures with my children and do family prayers everyday. I try to armour my family with love because sometimes it seems we are a strange and peculiar people when we are not doing participating in what others are doing. Its hard being a young person now so I pray for the youth, I try to make my home a place where people can come if they need somewhere to go. I pay my tithing 10% of my income to the Church because I have seen all the good it does in the World and also because I am TRYING to be obedient. I follow the teachings of the Church because it gives me peace in this life and blessings in the life to come. I am TRYING to be the best mother I can and the best that I can be because I believe this life is a gift! I believe if I am TRYING the hardest I can and always looking to learn my family will be together forever and this is my goal. I TRY and BELIEVE :)

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Live the gospel...try it out and your faith will increase. How will you know unless you do it?? Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

For me it is a feeling....knowing something is right and going for it. Seeing a clear pathway ahead and knowing that's the way I want my family and I to go. It's a feeling of purpose. A feeling of peace that everything is going to be okay and that there is nothing to fear. We are all here for a purpose we are here to learn and help others on their way. WE ARE HERE!! All this can be gained through personal application and determination. All this can be gained by getting that testimony for yourself because no one else can do it for you. Its the best thing you can do for yourself and you friends and family. You will notice the difference in your life. It is something you must continually grow and learn from. My testimony lets me know that I am on the right track and it lets me know that what I am learning and listening too at Church is TRUE. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No we do not worship him we worship GOD out creator. I am grateful for Joseph Smith and all he endured till the end. I am grateful for his story, his faith, his example without him we would not have the BOM today. Big ups to the Prophet, Seer and Revelator Joseph Smith!! Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

I love Church come one come all. You have the right to be there like everyone else does it is your meeting house to come and listen and learn. Its not a country club where your not allowed on the grounds unless you have paid your fees. Anyone can come and hopefully you will be welcomed and fellow-shipped!! There is an explanation pretty much set out above with the official Church answer. I always learn something new even if I have heard the same lesson before something new always stands out. Something some people may not be comfortable with is how noisy it can get sometimes with all the young children in sacrament meeting. We are a family orientated Church so don't forget that. But I have to say it would be good if more mothers took their children out if they are being noisy!! Sometimes it can also seem quite lonely if you are going to Church by yourself and no one says hello. You can always sit with the missionaries or ask them if there is someone they know who they can sit with. There should be Ward Missionaries who are walking around who should greet you. But you should never feel alone sometimes its your state of mind and other times you need someone to sit with. Just ask and I am sure there will be a family who is more than happy for you to sit with each week! Show more Show less