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Hi I'm Elise

I'm a mom of two young boys. I'm a wife to an amazing husband. I'm a runner. I'm a singer and kid's choir teacher. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I just had a baby boy and am trying to get back my previous figure! Running has become my favorite way to accomplish this. I absolutely hated running before because I used to get really bad side cramps when I ran. One day I was inspired by the spirit to read someone's post on a website who had the same problem as me. I tried his suggestion and it made a huge difference! Now I like to run in races... who would've thought? I just started teaching a children's choir to Elementary aged children in my area. They all come over to my house and we spend an hour singing in preparation for our first choir concert. As a reward for good behavior we play a karaoke video game at the end of our practices. It's a kid game... but I love it! I have a toddler at home. Disciplining him as God would have me was always a worry of mine. I was inspired again by the spirit to take a parenting/discipline class offered in my area. Since then with Heavenly Father's help, although my parenting has in no way become perfect, I feel like I know how to handle difficult situations with my toddler. He has also become a problem solver and has learned that his good or bad choices will bring an equally good or bad consequence.

Why I am a Mormon

It's amazing how a loving Heavenly Father knows me individually and on such a personal level. Throughout my life he has demonstrated this to me in a way that only I would understand. Being born into a home where my parents were faithful members of this church did not mean I would automatically be a member too because of family tradition. I still had to find out the truth for myself and experience my own conversion to this gospel of Jesus Christ. My conversion has been a culmination of several small experiences which began at age 12 and continue still today. These experences come through consistant scripture study, prayer, church attendance, temple attendance, and living the gospel. This gospel makes me happy and that's why I'm a mormon.

How I live my faith

Living my faith includes daily prayer, daily scripture study, attending church, and attending the temple. This also includes giving church service. Every other Sunday I have the opportunity to teach 7 and 8 year olds the gospel of Jesus Christ. They know so much! I can see that they are each being prepared for a special purpose in God's plan. I am also a visiting teacher. It is so interesting how the Lord's hand guides who we get to visit teach and who visit teaches us. I can see why he wants me to serve and get to know each of my visiting teaching sisters better. This work is so important in our Father in Heaven's eyes.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

In college I had a teacher who expressed how she felt bad for me because I was a Mormon woman. This was the first time I had really thought about the matter of equality between men and women in our church. Being a mormon my whole life I had never once felt less than a man. This teacher told me how sad it was that my degree would go to waste because I would never be able to use it. I soon realized that she was extremely misinformed. Years have passed since then and not only have I implemented my degree outside the home and in the home, I have also implemented it in church callings and in raising my children. My degree has in no way "gone to waste." Mormon women are educated, leaders, beacons of strength, teachers, givers of service, valued in the community, church, and at home. Some are wives, some mothers, and some single. Men and women both have divine roles in our Heavenly Father's Kingdom. Our roles are different but equitable at the same time. The best way to find out how Heavenly Father views a woman is to ask Him. I have done this and my answer cannot be put into words, however I know without a doubt that I am important as a woman to Heavenly Father and his plan. Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

As a family we stop the spread and influence of pornography by starting in our home. Our internet filter has been a protection, but even more than that, our open communication regarding the matter has been most effective. Pornography comes in many different forms and can come to both men and women. As a family we decided we would openly discuss pornography temptations as they come and ask one another about how we have dealt with those temptations. We feel accountable to each other and try to be understanding and avoid becoming defensive. It's important to remember that being tempted is different than following through with the temptation. So when a person has been tempted he/she should be thanked and congratulated for not following through with the sin. This has proved to be very effective in our family. Show more Show less