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Hi I'm Jesse

I'm a reader, I'm a runner, I love to make crazy sounds with my mouth, I love my family, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always loved the feeling of pushing myself, of breaking down the walls of physical exhaustion. It has always been something I've done since i was small, just the feeling of running full speed is something I've always enjoyed. I love sports, basketball, soccer, and I hope someday I get to play lacross. My only exeption is maybe golf; it's a little to slow for me, but we'll see what happens when i grow older. One of my favorite times to go running is at night. I love the feeling of the cool night air, it's very invigorating . Or when it's rainning whether it's a drizzle or a massive downpoor, it's just refreshing. I love to read. It's just always been one of those things i've done, if I get to bored with my life i would always go to a book, jump into someone else's adventure and go conquer the land with them. I'm the second oldest out of 5 kids, making my family a perfect seven. And they are awesome. They're all my best friends and I love to spend time with them. We would go out often and go hiking or just go for a drive. We spent alot of itme together and those have been some of my fondest memories. But hanging out with them will have to wait because right now I'm currently serving a full time , 2 year mission in the Indiana Indianapolis mission and I'm loving every second of it. the people here are great and I just can't wait to talk to all of them. I love to sing and beatbox, just make music with my mouth because I'm not very adept with normal instruments.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church so I've honestly always been considered a Mormon by others, but, personally, I never truly made the decision until I was 14. Around that point in my life I'd been searching for a place to go, a foundation where I could know where I stood, and what I believed. I finally decided at this time in my life that this was the right thing for me. Why? Because of the principles of faith, of rightousness, of self mastery, of kindness, of helping others; it all seemed like something that would get me somewhere-a sure foundation. just the kindess and the service of others has really touched my heart and made me want to become the best person that I could be, that I can become. And because it is all founded upon our faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. The reason I choose to follow him is because I have come to know for myself that he is the way- he is the way to a better, happier life. And following him means everything to me. I know that I'm not perfect, not even close. But I know that through our Savior, we can become better, we can become someone to be proud of. We can reach our fullest potential. And I plan to try. And this is why I've chosen this particular path for myself. It wasn't because of the group setting, or the friendships, or the fun times that we have, though all those are some of the great blessings from becoming involved in the church. It was becuase I wanted to follow something worth following, something that I knew would make me a better person.

How I live my faith

In and atempt to live my faith I've always tried to participate in the activities that the church has set up. They do alot of exciting activities that are both uplifting and fun. And my family does many things together also. We have a night, once week, when we get together and have an activity, learn more about the church, and just have fun together. we call it Family Night and I have come to cherish those times together. We try to come together every night before bed and read scriptures together. And we have a family prayer every night. I try and read my scriptures everyday and pray every morning and night to our loving Heavenly Father. And it has been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I love the time me and my family sped together, sharing stories, laughing, and joking around. I love the time I get every day to try and learn more about Christ and his teachings, trying to apply them to myself and become better. And I know i mess up, alot, as I try and follow Christ's teachings, but this is something that I have found in my life that has brought me more joy and happiness than anything else I have found. It has taught me more about myself, it has brought me closer to my family, and it has brought me closer to my Savior.

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon, simply, is another testiment of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is the record of Christ's teachings to the people of the American continent during the time of Christ himself and gives record of a crowning climax of the Savior himself visiting the inhabitants there. This book will, if read with an open heart by one willing to listen and adhere to its righteous teachings, will increase the testimony upon our Savior and the endless virtue of his great Atonment. Show more Show less