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Hi I'm Stan

I am a son, a father, a grandfather, an anesthesiologist, and a supporter of my community. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love my profession as an anesthesiologist. I am responsible for people that have medical conditions that require surgery. I try to make them feel at ease, especially the children. I try to be extremely positive in all situations. I have participated in prayer circles for people of many different faiths. I especially enjoy working in a Catholic hospital that over the intercom says a prayer every morning. It starts the morning off right. We are a house of healing. Not only physically, but spiritually. I am a father and grandfather. I am a husband of a wonderful wife and mother. We love our children and grandchildren dearly. We hope the very best for all of them and pray for them often. We have lived in Arizona, Louisiana, California, Maryland and returned to Arizona to raise our children. We love to travel and enjoy spoiling our grandchildren. The most spiritually uplifting experience I have had recently was traveling to Ethiopia and participating in Operation Smile where we took care of children and adults with cleft palates and cleft lips. What a life changing experience it was for them and for me. I hope I can go on other missions with them or other organizations like them.

Why I am a Mormon

I have lived in many places in the United States and in the world. Everywhere I have gone, I have met so many wonderful people of many different faiths. I feel that no one has a monopoly on truth. One of the tenets of our faith we are told to search out of the best books. I have done this and continue to do so. I have found that the Bible and the Book of Mormon have been the major guide for my spirituality. I have prayed about them both and have a testimony that together they both contain the words of God that I need to live my life fully. I have seen in my life the blessings of the restored gospel. I served a mission in Colombia and Venezuela telling people of these truths. I love the people of those countries and have followed their struggles. The years I spent with them were the most important years of my early life. They taught me lessons of humility, joy and love that have made me the person that I am today. I speak spanish. I use it everyday in my profession. It is the language that can provide comfort to people that are facing surgery. I see it in the eyes of my spanish speaking patients that here is someone that can understand me. Mixed with the spirituality that I learned on my two years in those countries I can give comfort to those that are ill.

How I live my faith

I am a runner. Not a fast one, but I am a runner. When I turned 60 I held my own race to celebrate the fact I could still run. I tried to inspire others to get out and exercise. I had 80 people come. We had T-shirts and medals to hand out that said "I Ran With Stan" and my motto on the back that said "Sure and Steady Wins the Race if You Keep and Even Pace". I am not by any means fast. But as in this life whether it be marriage, education, in my profession, or in life in general you need to keep your eye on your goal and steadfastly go towards it. I live my life the same way. You don't need to be first. You just have to complete what you have started. I try to live my life in balance. Once my daughter got into a situation that required me to "GROUND YOU FOREVER". She eventually came to me and asked how she could stop being grounded. I desperately looked around for an idea and notice a fan overhead. I asked her what would happen if you removed one of the vanes of the fan. She said that it would become unbalanced and wouldn't spin evenly. I then asked about taking another and another. It would become increasingly out of balance until it didn't do anything. We then identified 5 areas of her life that she needed to keep in balance to have a successful life. They included physical activity, spirituality, education, social activities and service to others. I have tried to do the same.