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Hi I'm Ian

I was born into the Church and fell away young. Through near death experiences proceeding miracles I'm proud to say, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Four years ago I got a taste of what chasing a "normal" life has to offer. Bonfire, babes, beer and burgers is all I thought about. I was going to community college, but barely giving it any time or effort... when a dark hill, skateboard and slightly intoxicated me collided (nearly fatal). Needless to say I went nigh' night. Do to my inebriated company and barely externally visible injuries it took over 16 hours for me to make it to the hospital. Shortly there after I got a helicopter ride, which would have been great, were I not in a coma at the time. 5 days later I awoke fully aware and to my disbelief externally I looked unscathed. Though, mentally I was a catastrophic wreck. I had about half of my vocabulary, lost my: sense of taste, smell, about 8 years on my IQ, my sense of time and emotional control. This happened in the middle of my second semester. For some reason, call it dream logic, or simply a sense of knowing I called the accident an "act of God." Somehow I knew that it was an act of God. Against my doctors orders I continued my education without delay and with the most strenuous effort of my life I achieved my associate degree. After all of the miracles, blessings and love that God had shown me in my recovery I still belonged to no spiritual denomination but my 'self'. It took God personally showing me that bonfires, babes and beer were not the route to happiness, but were stacking miseries. Shortly after hitting rock bottom I began to pray...

Why I am a Mormon

The prayer I alluded to above went something like this: "Dear heavenly father, I am worthless, I hate myself and am a huge burden to those I love. Why am I alive heavenly father? If you have a path for me reveal it onto me please! Else take me from this misery with an unfortunate accident, asteroid, car crash, gas leak whatever... None the less thy will be done my Lord, what so ever it may be, not my own. Amen" The next morning I awoke late disappointed that God was waiting so long to strike me down. I casually walked down the stairs from my room to let my hyper active dogs (Black Lab and Miniature Schnauzer) out to relieve themselves. Before I could get my Black Labs collar attached to his tether I realized the missionaries were walking right up to me. My first thought was: "OH NO, They can see me! I have no where to hide! now I have to talk to them." Nothing abnormal here, that is the way I had reacted for the past 7 years. What was unusual was the feeling that swept over me after that initial thought. The same dream logic or spontaneous knowledge that I had experienced after my brain injury arrived in me once again, though this time it told me that the missionaries were a direct answer to my prayer and that I needed to talk to them. Within a month from that blessed meeting I became an active member in the church once again. Through prayer and diligent scripture reading and practice soon all that I had lost before was returned to me. Withen a couple months I went from: unemployed to juggling two full time jobs, living with my folks to living in Seattle, alcohol, sex and violence addicted to vice free, empty to fulfilled, depressed, stressed, anxious to joyful, happy and optimistic. These magnificent transformations are made possible by my excepting and seeking after the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christs atonement. Sustaining these dramatic changes in my life is made possible by heeding the counsel of my Spirit, Prophet, Apostles, Bishop, and Doctrine.

How I live my faith

I try to do all things relating to my religion... well, religiously. I pray often. Though I am not always reading from my scriptures daily as of yet I am always sure to read or listen to spiritual doctrine each day. 3-5 times a month I meet with my "little" who I volunteer as a mentor for through Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Once a month I mentor for foster children through Treehouse. One of the most enjoyable activities I have been able to adopt since returning to church is institute of religion classes. At institute I get to discuss my scripture reading with an entire class of curious like minded individuals and have my questions answered pertaining to my readings. I can't even begin to describe the pleasure it brings to be able to openly discuss doctrine with other youth like myself! Something that warms my day and motivates me to maintain my commitment to being great is the Mormon channel. Its a radio station that I stream through my phone. It has wonderful talks, exciting church news and allows me to know my church on a broader level. It's a great honor to be a ward missionary as well, in this calling (or spiritual job opportunity) I get to sit in with the missionaries (the guys one sees with the white shirts, tie and name tags that walk or bike around (they are great guys, doing great work for the Lord(treat them well and blessings will come your way every time))) and help with lessons or tours of the church. Another opportunity that's incredible is attending "Firesides" which is simply a word to describe a guest speaker with a special message that presents after church in the evening . The things I get to hear at a fireside have amazing power to change my heart and nature toward living a greater life and being a better person. Don't get me wrong, I am far from perfect. At times I feel as though I am light years from the path of true righteousness. Though, now, I jump at every opprtunity I get to do something that can make me better.