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Hi I'm Jon

I love life! I cherish my wife and my children. I am forever creating. I love snowboarding. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy hard work. Sounds sick, I know. It wasn't until I met my wife that I learned how to play and enjoy it. Still, I can only play so much and then I have to return to one of my 'projects'. I love creating. I cook, sew, landscape, write code, create and develop businesses, and build things out of wood, wire and PVC Pipe. All are avenues that let me use my creative side. I like looking at other people's recipies, patterns and accomplishments to get my ideas but my creations are always my own. Because of that I restrict myself greatly and I have to laugh at myself often because I know that it would be easier to not reinvent the wheel. But to me, the joy in living is in creating. My work ethic no doubt came from my mother and father. I grew up in an impoverished logging family. We lived and logged all over the U.S. including Washington, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, West Virginia and Virginia. My parents were strong and courageous and taught me the principle that as long as we were together as a family we could make it. At 18 I joined the Navy and over the next 11 years lived in six more states and Guam. It was a rewarding career for which much good came to me including my introduction to computers and programming. Following the Navy I have worked in the technology industry, including the creation of two successful businesses. The Lord blessed me with the most incredible woman--my wife. We have 6 incredible children--1girl, and 5 boys, and 2 granddaughters.

Why I am a Mormon

I was not born into the LDS faith. In fact, growing up we never went to church as a family. My parents taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ through their example and through their expectations for me. My paternal grandmother, was a devote follower of the Savior. I've chosen those words carefully. She actually followed Him. She loved Him. She spoke to me of Him every time I visited. She taught me to pray and she taught me to hope and to know that all that is good comes from Him. Because of her influence I truly desired to know my Savior and I sought Him out in prayer and in church after church as I grew up and as I traveled this country over. It was hard for me to find a place where I felt the Spirit of the Lord. When I met my wife at age thirty she invited me to her church. The first Sunday I thought the speakers lacked the flare and charisma of the preachers I was used to hearing. I left church feeling good but not "all fired up". After a couple more Sundays I said to her "your church his like meat and potatoes -- I have been used to eating cake." I was most impressed with how consistent the Mormon people tried to live what they believed. I quickly came to love the church and the good people in it, but lacked a testimony of Joseph Smith. How could I believe the story of his visit with diety in the grove? I thought it was the craziest thing I'd ever heard. After much prayer and, finally, a sincere desire to know the truth, the Spirit bore witness to me one evening in a most unforgettable way that Joseph Smith was the prophet of the restoration. Since then my testimony of Joseph Smith and the restored gospel has grown considerably -- I can link it all back to that period where I prayed and prayed and finally developed a sincere desire to know. I still have that desire to know more and I continue to grow daily through acknowledging the daily miracles, large and small that I see the Lord perform on my behalf and by seeking to be like Him.

How I live my faith

I recognize that the greatest work the Lord has given me to do in this life is to become one with my wife. She is His daughter -- an incredible example of His love for me -- given to me to help me reach the potential He has for me. The greatest strides I make in that effort are through learning to love and cherish her and assist her to reach the potential He has for her. That we will return to him as "one" and live eternally as husband and wife will be the greatest achievement of my life. Like unto it is the responsibility He has placed on me to love, teach, protect and encourage those little ones He has entrusted to me. They are such incredible spirits! I love being a father. It is not an easy job but the rewards are eternal. No other project or work that I do on this Earth comes with the promise that the results can reside with me eternally. Next is an accounting of my talents and abilities. I feel greatly blessed to live at this time, in this country, with this healthy body, with this active mind, with all the talents and abilities that Lord has given me. I find it easy to share . . . as I understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the words of the Prophets I know all that I have has been given me to share with others. As a result I strive to serve others, particularly where my specific talents seem to have been made for the occasion. I look to the Lord when I see someone in need and simply ask "Haste thou put them in my path?" (I believe the parable of the Good Samaratan was Jesus' way of teaching us that He will put in our path those that we are to help -- remember the story was given as the answer to the question, "Lord, who is my neighbor"). I know that serving one another, especially those that rely heavily on the Lord for their needs, is one way that we help others feel God's love for them. When I am in need and another comes to the rescue, I always feel God's love. I strive each day to understand what God would have me do and that directs my day.