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Hi I'm Allen Madison Johnson, Jr.

I'm a 6th generation Texan and grew up all over the country. I joined the Church at age 55, 35 years after my father joined.

About Me

I was born in my great grandparent’s farm house in East Texas. When I was born, they saw a shooting star and said that was a sign that I would become a preacher. Through the years as I grew up, became a man, had a family and a career, this kept coming up and I said no way. I was raised a Baptist and felt that I was unworthy of that calling and didn’t particularly like how some Baptist ministers behaved. Little did I know that at age 55 in 1996 I would be baptized as a Mormon, receive the priesthood and become a faithful member ever since willing and able to preach the gospel. All my life I researched the scriptures searching for the truth. When my dad joined the church in 1961 after receiving visions that he should join the church, I eventually studied the Mormon Church through the eyes of anti-Mormons and was waiting to get up enough nerve to tell my dad what a messed up Church he had joined.

Why I am a Mormon

There came a time in my life when I was disillusioned with all Protestant Churches. I had been going from church to church as my dad did before he received a vision to join the Mormon Church in Hawaii and had told my wife that next week we will seek out the Muslims. It was that week that the LDS missionaries were prompted to come down our street even though they had never had success there and knock on our door. It was a miracle that my wife was home and even when she was home she would not open the door unless she was expecting someone. That day in September of 1995 she opened the door. She recognized the missionaries because my nephew, who was raised by my dad was a return missionary. She let them in and took the lessons and two months later she joined the Church. I was more skeptical and did not join but continued to go every Sunday even when my wife did not go. I read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover, researched everything about how they treated members of African descent in the Church and when I was confident that I could defend the Church I joined a year later in October 1996. I was amazed to find that the Mormon Church had been part of the Underground Railroad to help slaves reach their freedom and that was one of the reasons the Church was persecuted and had an order to extinction by the Missouri governor and were eventually run out of Missouri by mobs reminding me of how blacks were treated. I found that Joseph Smith personally ordained ex-slaves to the priesthood and even gave one, Elijah Able, a leadership position as a seventy. He took ex-slaves into his home and treated them as part of his family. I found that there had been numerous men of African descent that received the priesthood at that time and that even Elijah Able’s son and grandson were ordained to the priesthood. Meanwhile, the Protestant churches forbid blacks from worshipping with them which lead to the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Baptist Churches splitting over slavery.

How I live my faith

Now I’m a family history consultant helping people find their relatives and enabling them to do temple work. I’m working with the Carver Museum to help present genealogy seminars and to set up their own genealogy center patterned after the Church’s family history centers. The Lord blesses me and strengthens my testimony every day even through the trials that come my way. Helping people of other faiths do their genealogy work allows me to bear my testimony. I have shared my testimony with coworkers, students, homeless people, and friends. I see the Lord's work everywhere. I strive to be humble and have a broken heart and contrite spirit. My greatest desire is to see my family members who are not Mormons come to know the happiness of being a Mormon and join with me in promoting God's kingdom.