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Hi I'm Heather :)

I'm a Texas girl, love music, art, science and being a member of this church :)

About Me

I was born in Provo Utah, but love Texas and everything about it (including the heat) I've been home schooled since kindergarten and really enjoy it. :) I'm hoping to get into college in the next couple of years and study biochemistry and general medicine. Even though I find science fascinating, I also love art and being crazy and colorful. :) And I love smiley faces :) I'm pretty much easy going and don't let things bother me too much for very long. I love the country, being outside, having fun with friends (shopping!) listening to music, volunteering for different things and generally being a normal kid. (Or almost adult, but growing up is optional, growing old is not.)

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church but it's really been only in the last couple of years that I've learned why the church is so important. This is Heavenly Father's church and he really is our father, waiting (sometimes impatiently) for us to come around and follow his commandments so we can achieve our full potential. He knows who we are, and all that we're capable of doing and he wants us to be the greatest people ever! For awhile I was going through some pretty lame things and thoughts kept coming to me that I should just give up on everything, it was all too hard, and heaven? come on, that's not worth all the trouble we go through in this life, right? Uh, no, It really is. Where I am right now in my life I've let go of a lot of things, and started to basically build from scratch, learning to have faith that there really is a plan. It's been interesting, actually focusing on my testimony, wanting to be a better person, to make my Heavenly Father proud of me, to do what he wants me to do, because I just think of all the trouble he's gone through over me. For one thing, I'm still alive, I have a good family, amazing friends who help me keep my standards and stay strong. When I was at my worst he has always been there for me, he sacrificed his one and only son for me. And a bazillion other people, but I know he thought (and thinks) of everyone of us individually. My favorite scripture is Psalms 147: 3-4 "He healeth the broken in heart and bindelth up their wounds. He telleth the number of stars. He knoweth them all by their names." Think of all the manymanymanymany stars there are in the sky, just over our planet, and He knows all their names? He definitely knows all of ours, and knows who we are, who I am, down to the fact that I'm wondering what to wear tomorrow. I know this is the true and living church, I'm very thankful it's a part of my life. I know Heavenly Father is always a prayer and a scripture away and loves all of us and wants us to be awesome :)

How I live my faith

I try my best to do what I'm asked. Going to seminary can be really hard, especially when you first wake up and are in your nice warm bed, but it's always worth it, and I never regret it when I choose to go to seminary, or church. I'm currently the 2nd counselor in the Laurel class and it's been interesting to have a new responsibility, to the girls of our class and the rest of the young women. Not that I didn't think of them before, but now I want to be a good example for them so people don't have to learn the hard way that it's better to follow the commandments. When I'm around my friends that aren't members, we sometimes start talking about the current fads and fashions, and we show each other videos on youtube and such, and sometimes when the subject turns to something I know isn't right it's tempting to just stay quiet, or if I'm asked about it, to say "my mom won't let me" but I've been learning to have the courage to say "I choose not to wear that, or listen to that song" And I've found that it gets easier to stand up for what you believe when you're not shy about it, and other people know you're not shy.