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Hi I'm Shelley

I'm a singer. I'm an actress. I'm a fun-loving, excitable person. I'm a high school girl, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love singing and acting and dancing, so pretty much I'm a musical theatre kid. My dream is to be on Broadway someday, I love it that much. I'm a big reader, books just seem to come alive to me. I just started driving, and the best part about that is...singing along with the radio! I love music in all forms, there's just so much good that can come out of music, it's amazing. I'm hoping to go to college, preferablly BYU, and study something about music. However, my parents really want me to have a "solid career option" (haha) so I'll probably end up majoring in something business-y, with a musical minor. I like photography, and having my picture taken (what girl doesn't?) I like to feel all artistc and dramatic, even when, probably, I'm not really that artistic. Although I am dramatic. I like to laugh and have fun, and I think I do a pretty good job at making mistakes and laughing at them. Also...I'm awkward. Alot of the time. I'm also really interested in ASL, American Sign Language. I want to be an interpreter someday for Deaf people, maybe even an ASL interpreter for General Conference!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because this church makes sense. The gospel principals taught just make sense to me. I love to see how the Lord has blessed my life through this gospel, and it's not difficult to find those blessings at all. Whenever I go through a rough time and feel like I'm struggling, I can tell that the Lord puts specific people in my life to help me and boost me up to be a better person. I have prayed and asked in faith if this church is true, and my answer was a definate yes. I feel so much comfort from my membership in this church, I know that I can be with my family forever and that one day, I'll be in the Lord's presence once again. I know that I lived with my Heavenly Father before I came to Earth, and I know that He loves Me. I know that He watches over me constantly, that He cares so much about me. I know that He loves Me through thick and thin, through all the stupid mistakes I make, and all the good decisions I make as well. I know that music has a profound effect on me, and that I can feel His Holy Spirit through music. I know that if I rely on the Lord my Savior, He will help me through any trial that is placed before me. I believe in the power of prayer, and that great things can come from praying in faith. I believe that Seminary is an amazing thing, and I feel the blessings surround me when I attend daily scripture classes at school. I know that if I do the right thing, what the Lord would have me do, that I am blessed abundantly. I believe in Christ. I believe in Heavenly Father. I believe in the living prophets on the Earth today, and in the past. I believe in the Book of Mormon. I believe in the King James version of the Bible. I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I attend daily scripture and gospel classes for the LDS church at school every day called Seminary. There are fantastic teachers there that help explain difficult principals and stories in the scriptures. I've gained a stronger testimony of the gospel because of these classes. I hold a calling in the church, where I participate as a presidency member in the youth ages 16-18. We plan activites and spiritual experiences for the girls that age, and we all grow closer together and become stronger people because of the youth program. In all my community activities, I strive to be modest, pure, chaste, virtuous, with good intentions everywhere I go. I uphold my high standards, and help others do the same.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon is great. You can experience so much joy and happiness by following the standards we follow. It's not "hard" to be a Mormon, per se, it actually makes life easier. I never had to worry about having a boyfriend in Junior High, because I knew I wouldn't even date until I was at least 16. I don't have to worry about getting caught with drugs, because I know that I'm not going to even try them. I don't have to worry about my parents grounding me for terrible things, because I know I'm going to keep my standards high and stay on a good path. Being Mormon brings happiness to my life. I'm never sad for too long, because I know that if I look at the eternal perspective, my sadness and trials are really just a quick little second. Show more Show less