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Hi I'm Terry

I grew up in Indiana, married an Indiana girl, raised two Indiana boys and became an Indiana Mormon about eigteen months ago.

About Me

My bride (of 36 years) and I are "empty nesters". We enjoy our little piece of woods, (that we've been able to certify as a wildlife habitat), hiking, mushroom hunting, wildlife watching, grandchildren lovin' and, lets not forget, Colts and Irish football! I enjoy my career as an Automotive Internet Specialist/Sales Consultant. This gives me lots of opportunity to meet many wonderful and facinating people. My job also gives me loads of time for contemplating the new focus that I have in my life and the many, many "new to me" truths and feelings that have acquired me. I am a student of The Gospel! I just can't get enough of the scriptures and history of The Church and anything "Latter Day Saint". There is a real joy in my life that I've not experienced before. I particularly look forward to Sunday School. We have a teacher that you just wouldn't believe. She has a wonderful way of bringing you out in class and always leaves you excited and wanting more.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a member in an organization that professed to be "the only true church". This organization actually shared some common doctrine with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Even though I worked hard at being a "believer", I lost all confidence in this incomplete version of the gospel. By the time I was in my mid-twenties the church that I had grown up with; the one that I had held so much hope in had become, (for me), hollow and insincere. My family and I stopped going to church. Even though I had stopped attending, I still believed there was something more to be had from life.I Still continued to study and compare different belief systems. I could find no relevence in organized religion. I struggled, searched and groped for any religious structure that I could find any pertinence in. All this to no avail. I drifted further and further from The Lord. For forty years I stayed away from any organized religion. It was as though I had lost myself in a "spiritual wilderness". From time to time I heard that still small voice calling to me but I thought I had strayed too far for me to answer the call. I had just come inside from cutting wood that cold November day. I had been out since early morning and was ready for lunch. As my soup warmed, I flipped through tv channels and landed on the BYU station. I recognized the hymn that the choir was singing from my childhood. As I listened, the Spirit swept through me, warming me from the top of my head to my toes. I prayed at that moment like I hadn't prayed in over forty years. I knew then that my Heavenly Father was waiting for me with open arms. It was difficult for me to make that call to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that afternoon. I thank God that I found the courage to go through with the call. Three months later I was baptized, (on my birthday) and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost the next day. After all those years I had finally found my way out of the "wilderness".

How I live my faith

I hadn't been a member long before I was asked to teach a Sunday School class. My 12-14 year old students were amazing! What an exciting experience I had. As is often the case, I received at least as much as I gave. Many wonderful precepts were taught to all of us by The Spirit in that class. After about a year of teaching Heavenly Father "called" me as a men's leader and I function in that capacity still. As a men's leader I still get to teach. I also organize, train, motivate and watch out for the well-being of the men in our ward. I am humbled that Heavenly Father would ask me to accept this responsibility and I pray He continues to help me grow in this capacity. Since becoming a member of The Church, my life has changed dramatically! I am often asked by those who know me how I could make such an abrupt turn-around. The answer is really quite simple. I haven't done anything. From the moment that I allowed The Savior to plant the seed of faith in my heart, the change overtook me. Sometimes its gradual and other times its by leaps. I don't pretend to understand but I do try to surrender to the change. Am I the ultimate man that Heavenly Father would have me be? No, probably not; although I do thank The Lord on a daily basis that I am not the man I used to be.