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Hi I'm Nicole

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia... I'm a wife, I'm a daughter, I'm a sister, I'm a friend... and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to smile. I am the oldest of four children. Both of my parents converted to the LDS faith when they were teenagers. I served a mission in the New York New York North Mission, speaking spanish, there I served wonderful people who love the Savior and were so giving. I graduated from BYU and moved back to Atlanta, Georgia, I took a Paralegal course from the University of Georgia and now am working as a Legal Assistant in a Law Firm. It was there in Atlanta that I met my husband and we got married. We have a puppy, his name is Charlie... he is my little baby. We moved to Salt Lake City so that my husband could attend school here. Life is good. If I have learned anything in life it would be that Heavenly Father has a plan for us, it is specific for each of us, and if we listen carefully He will help us be happier than we could have ever imagined.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in this religion. However, my extended family are all of a different faith. There comes a time in everyone's life where you really have to choose. I think it was in high school that I saw the choices that my good friends were making and I realized that I wanted something different. I have learned that through obedience and learning more about God's plan for us...that we learn how to be happy. We all make mistakes and sometimes deviate from the path... but that's the best news, through our Savior, Jesus Christ, we can all come back! I know it is only through learning more about Him, Jesus Christ and becoming like Him that we will be happy. There are many things in this world that promise us happiness, but who wants to be happy for a small moment in time?!... when they can find happiness that lasts forever, for eternity! I know that I have a Heavenly Father that hears and answers my prayers, He has listened to me when I didn't know where else to go. I am so grateful for that. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, He is my personal Savior, He understands me and knows everything I go through, because He went through it for ME, so that I would have a way to return back to my Father in Heaven one day. I know the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Christ, by reading it we can learn more about Jesus Christ, by reading it, I learn more about my ancestors and their faith in Jesus Christ. I know that this Church is the only Church on the face of the earth to have the authority to act in the name of God. I know that by doing my best and to always continue learning, I will be able to live with my family forever... I am so grateful for that knowledge. Why am I mormon? Because that warm feeling confirms to me every day that this is the right thing, and for me... that's good enough.

How I live my faith

Every Sunday I go to Church and I teach the Youth, the boys and girls, 14-18 year olds. I love it. Not only to I get to interact with them, but I get to share with them some of the important lessons I've learned, and since I am not that much older than them... I hope it helps them somehow. For me, I try to live my faith daily, by the way I dress, the way I talk, what I choose to think about and the way I treat others. We believe in trying to be Christlike, in all we do, think and say. So, that's kinda an individual thing. When my puppy starts barking like crazy, I try to be patient with him and not yell at him, I try to find ways to serve other people, to help them, bring them cookies, or just make a phone call to a friend that's been on my mind. For me, its the little things that go a long way. I pray, I read my scriptures to try and learn more, and then I try to act on what I learn, to actually do it. Although I am far from being where I would like to be... every day that I try... I get just a little closer. My faith gives me hope, for a better future, and on those rainy days in life... my faith is what gets me through it all.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

That is such a good question. I remember being a new missionary in NYC and someone asked us the same question... "How can I know for myself that this is true?" The Bible and the Book of Mormon teach us about the fruits of the spirit, the spirit speaks to us through feelings of joy, longsuffering, peace and many other good feelings. To learn if something is true, you have to study it out and then you have to pray, because with these things of such importance, only God can tell you what to do. If you take time, go in a place of privacy and just express the feelings in your heart, He will tell you through the feelings of your heart. There will be such a peace that enters in your heart and your mind... that you will just know. Best part!... Is that you can get the confirmation every time you sincerely ask, I do, and its great, I get this warm, tingley feeling and I KNOW that it is true. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Absolutely! I can't imagine God leaving His children without any direct guidance, guidance that can only come from a Prophet called of God. There has always been a need for Prophets like Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham... God has used them to warn his people, to lead his people, to save the people and essentially to help all of the people on the earth, His children, to return to live with Him one day. I am so grateful to know that God called a Prophet back in the 1800's, I know God called Joseph Smith to be His mouth piece and that the role of Prophet has been passed down today to Thomas S. Monson, he speaks for God, he is the modern Noah and Abraham of our time. As we take the time to listen to the counsel he gives us he will help us return to live with God someday. Show more Show less