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Hi I'm Jessica

I'm a brain. I'm an athlete. I'm a basket case. I'm a princess. I'm a criminal not literally - "Breakfast Club". I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi! I grew up in California and absolutely love it there. Since then, however, I have lived in Utah where I went to college and now I live in Washington state. I absolutely DON'T love living here. I love the sun and the warmth and you don't get that much here. And I'll admit, there are days that I just don't feel like myself and get a little down. However, living here does make me appreciate the good things in my life. I am a stay-at-home mom to an energetic 2 year old and come February, we are expecting a bundle of boy joy! I am married to a wonderful guy who is patient and cares so much for others that at times I wonder how in the world he was attracted to me - he teaches me a lot! I can't be stuck in the house all the time, so I am involved in church (specifically with the youth), I coach cheerleading for a youth football organization, and I am crazy about my occasional girls' night out. I love decorating my home and going to antique/vintage decor shows. But most of all, I love my family and really don't know what I would do without them.

Why I am a Mormon

There are four main reasons why I remain faithful and continue to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ: 1) My husband. 2) My little girl. 3) My unborn son. 4) The family that I was born into. Out of all the reasons why I'm a Mormon, I cannot think of anything that promises me more than the plan that Heavenly Father has for eternal families. Knowing that the phrase "til death to us part" does not apply to me and the members of my family, as long as we are following the commandments and trying each and every day to be more like Christ, is like taking a breath of fresh air. It is so calming and comforting. Heavenly Father has created a way, through the atonement of Jesus Christ, that we can be perfected and repent. If we take part in this wonderful gift, then we can be worthy of living with our family for eternity. This does not mean that if only we are perfect, but it does mean that we make the effort every single day to show our Heavenly Father that we are faithful to Him and the teaching of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father has given us temples on this earth that we can go into and be sealed to our family forever under the priesthood authority. To an outsider, the temple might be a confusing and overwhelming topic. But there really is simplicity in its contents. The temple is a place where we are given the opportunity to live beyond the veil of death. Whether we go for ourself or to do proxy work for those who have already passed on, it is all centered around the great Plan of Salvation. Families can live together forever. There is nothing more beautiful and nothing else that makes me more happy and want to live a good life. Do I always stay on the right course? No. There are many days I fall short, but again, Heavenly Father's plan and the atonement of Jesus Christ will help me make my way back. I love my family; I want to be with them always. If anything ever happened to one of them, I would be heartbroken, but I know I would get to see them again.

How I live my faith

At church we are given "callings". There are many reasons why we have callings. Such reasons include: no one is paid to perform responsibilities in the church, so it is important that everyone comes together to help run the organization of each part of the church (children, youth, adult programs, even the leadership); we strongly believe in sharing and developing our talents. The best way to do this is to be given opportunities to serve in different capacities, whether it is chorister or Bishop - every person plays a vital role in making our church run smoothly. My particular calling provides me the opportunity to serve with the youth. I work with the 12-13 year old girls and I am the second counselor over all the youth girls. These ages can be a challenge because there life itself can be a challenge. They are going through so many changes and developing their own testimony. They are experimenting with there independence and wanting to make their own decisions. But on the flip side, they can be the greatest example to their peers and even to an adult like me. They never cease to impress me with their faith. I love my calling and feel so fortunate that I was called to serve these righteous children of God. Not only do I work with the youth, but I get to visit with some of my fellow sisters in their home once a month. Of course we have a relationship outside of these particular visits, but these once a month visits are designated as times to focus on the Gospel and the welfare of those you visit. We can talk about other things anytime, but this is a perfect opportunity to check in with one another and share our testimony. It is always uplifting to teach and share what you know to be true. We are instruments in the Lord's hand and can help our fellow members of the church be uplifted and stay strong. I have benefited from this not only has one who visits others, but as one who receives too.