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Hi I'm Michael

I'm an engineer and work at improving waterway and environmental health, I'm a dad and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in and live in South East Queensland (SEQ), a state where we have a very close connection to the natural environment, waterways and the ocean. I've spent time in construction and civil engineering design and now work at improving the quality of our urban stormwater runoff - thereby improving the environmental values of the region. I have a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering (honours with studies in coastal engineering) and am working my way through a masters degree in business administration. I love my job and enjoy the challenges (mostly) that come with a fiercely competitive marketplace. My family (Wife and 2 youngsters) and I live in the hinterland and enjoy the rural lifestyle, complimented nicely by being close to some of the best surf beaches around. I enjoy the time spent with family and find it comes at an increasingly scarce supply. I like surfing, playing the guitar & singing with my wife, dirt bikes, SCUBA diving, camping and more! Many of the things that SEQ has on offer.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a firm believer in the elegant combination of the principles of rational / intellectual analysis and the socratic wisdom which affirms awareness of our human ignorance. In practice, this means that I use my head and sensory experience to understand and comprehend the world I live in - striving to learn what I don't know, while accepting that there are many things that I don't know. As a human race (and ideally as individuals) we strive to reduce our ignorance by learning and doing more, in the process and somewhat counterintuitively expanding the scope of our ignorance. I've applied these principles to my studies, profession and life, and find opportunities each day to learn more. I hold these principles as true and self evident and apply them to my faith and belief in an all-wise and all-loving God. From a young age I had a feeling that God was close. I've had opportunities to feel the interest and care that Heavenly Father (God) has in me which have confirmed my beliefs in Him. Through studying the Book of Mormon I've come to a deeper understanding of who Jesus Christ is and how He plays such an important role in our relationship with Heavenly Father. The Bible has taught me about His attributes and life, and the Book of Mormon has taught me why He lived, died and was resurrected. I'm a Mormon today because I believe that Jesus is the Saviour of the world and that Prophets are called today just as they were in Biblical times. (If they were important in old times, surely we are in AT LEAST as much need of divine guidance today.) I know that our life on earth is no accident and that there is a purpose to it. I have had these things confirmed by God, a privilege available to anyone who honestly seeks it.

How I live my faith

I believe that there is a level of action implied in the word 'faith', and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints certainly gives plenty of opportunities for action. As a family we actively attend our local Church congregation and regularly find opportunities to help people in need, visit those who may be in need of a kind conversation or make a difference in the community. Cleaning up public places, spending time at nursing homes for example are some of the opportunities to lift the community that we participate in. I spend time each week participating in youth group activities which teach young people skills as well as arranging other types of activities. My calling (role) at Church is to assist the leader (Bishop) of the local congregation in ministering to the physical, spiritual and other needs of the congragation. It is a busy yet enjoyable calling which brings opportunities to make a difference for the better in peoples lives. From a more secular perspective, I am an active committee member of an association which raises awareness for and deals with, flooding and environmental considerations in Queensland. I enjoy participating in this forum and adding to the efforts of the association. The society and community we live in are made up of human values and environmental values (amongst other things) I don't throw rubbish out the car window. I take a deep breath when someone cuts me off. I wave 'sorry' (its like a pistol grip pointing up) when I cut someone off. I've helped some people change flat tyres a few times. I generally smile at shop assistants. (Never underestimate the power of being friendly to someone.) I have a positive outlook for the future and am enjoying the present.