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Hi I'm Ed

I spend much of my time helping people be comfortable, both with their indoor climate and in life. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Growing up, in Utah, Missouri, and Nevada, I never thought I would live in the desert of Arizona. For two years, I was the “pale-face drummer” for Lamanite Generation, a multi-cultural variety show at BYU. I ended up touring and performing in many areas of the world, including behind the iron curtain where the people had great fascination for American cowboys and Indians. I sold my prized drum set along with my VW Bug so I could have the funds to serve a mission. This was one of many “full-circle” experiences for me. The first part of the circle began when I was in the 8th grade. I read a chapter in our text book entitled “Mormons in Missouri.” The more I read, the worse I felt. I went up to my teacher and said, “this chapter was about my church, but it doesn't seem anything like my church.” “Oh,” she exclaimed, “let’s talk tomorrow.” Her idea was that I would teach this chapter to our class. I presented the story where Joseph Smith asked in prayer which church he should join. Before we knew it, the bell rang, but no one wanted to leave. My teacher thought the class discussion went so well that she arranged for me to share the same presentation in each one of her classes that day. At the test, she reminded the class, “Answer the Mormon questions the way Ed taught us.” We moved at the end of that year. 7 years later I would return as a missionary and have the privilege of sharing additional truth with some of my former classmates and teachers.

Why I am a Mormon

For three years my wife and I have served in the 12-step addiction recovery program sponsored by our Church. It becomes very obvious when you are at a point of crisis with individuals, that either what you have to share works, or it doesn’t. We have become witnesses weekly to many miracles of the Atonement that our Savior mercifully extends to each of us who are desirous to have a meaningful relationship with Him. Often we meet couples who are on the verge of divorce; they are overcome by hurt and discouragement, and see no hope for real joy or healing in their lives. Now, many of their voices join with ours. “That which we were not able to ever do before, we now are able to daily experience as we seek to walk and live with God.” Many in our world today think it doesn’t really matter that much what we believe, think, say, or do. I have come to see that it means everything! I have a passion for life. I don’t want to just live life—I wish to live it well! I confess that I can be a slow learner. I have found that I must not only be one who is a seeker of truth, but that I must also daily draw upon the grace of our Savior, to add to my best efforts, in order to experience the spiritual awakening and success that I need. The more I have tried to do this, the more I have come to know for myself that the teachings in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not only true but they also provide a better way to live life and experience the real joy we are here on earth for.

How I live my faith

I operate a small heating and cooling business. Often I find myself explaining to customers how I approach our work for them like this: “I am not trying to preach any sermons, but you might as well know my real motivation. It’s true that I desire to completely satisfy you by serving you honestly and well. But I also know that God is always looking over my shoulder, viewing all I say and do. I especially seek for His Divine approval. He is the final inspector, and there is no fooling Him. He knows and holds me accountable for what I do. He can only Divinely bless that which is good and honorable. I don’t know about you, but I greatly need God’s blessing each day, and I must continually do my part in His partnership.” Most reply, “That sounds good, especially when they understand they won’t be cheated or overcharged!” One day as I was wrapping up my work and I asked the Mother if there was anything more I could do before leaving. She replied, “you seem like a religious person, our son is very afraid of death, what would you say to him?” That didn’t seem to be the average question you would ask your AC repairman, but we talked for a few minutes at the thermostat. She gathered her family for me to talk with them. Our discussion started with her repeating what I had said to her in the hall, “to understand where we go after this life is over, we must first know where we came from, and why we are even here.” I showed them the answers in their own Bible to these important questions. A couple of days later I called back to make sure that all was working well with their new system. I couldn’t hold back from asking, “How’s your son feeling about death now?” She replied, “Oh Mr. Potter, he’s not afraid anymore, he’s almost looking forward to it.” Maybe I overdid it, but there is so much hope when we understand God’s plan for our true happiness. That turned out to be a pretty good day for my partnership with God!