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Hi I'm Jim

Husband, Father, "Mormon" aka Latter-Day Saint.

About Me

By the worlds standards I'm a pretty average guy. 31 years old, Married with Children, not into sports at all but I do love nature. I do not own a business and I'm not wealthy nor do I have any specialized degree. However, to my standards I'm extremely happy with who I am and who I'm becomming. I look forward with faith in God knowing that he will help me accomplish the good desires I have as well as overcome the things that need changing.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and grew up "inactive" in the church and in broken homes. I can remember several step parrents and step sibblings and many many excruciating difficulties. While a teenager I was becoming quite excited about all the wrong things and realized that I needed to Read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover so that I could know for myself before doing any more damage to my life or anyone elses for that matter. I consider that one choice to be the smartest thing I have ever done. If I had not done that I would not be alive today. While reading the book of Mormon I had change of heart, it was over time and came with steps as I read and prayed to God on a daily basis. I realized that I was part of a heavenly family and that my true character and Identity had little to nothing to do with this world or the vain things we can so easily get caught up in. It was extremely painful as I realized my sins and that I needed to change but as I called upon our Savior Jesus Christ He lifted the heavy burdens of guilt and remorse. This really happened! My pain was taken away and I was given the strenght to work out the problems I was facing in highschool as well as my broken family life. Since then it has been nearly fifteen years and this process continues. Its been up and down with struggles and difficulties at times but I have been able to repent when needed and also find real communication with God. I'm so glad to know who I am, to know that life will continue beyond the grave, that we have an unspeakably loving Saviour and Heavenly Father to help us through this crazy life so that we can be happy and return to live with him forever with our families. I'm so Greatful to have a family that I love and to be a father and husband.

How I live my faith

As part of my church duties and position, I am currently a teacher once or twice a month in one of the classes on Sundays. We also try to serve whenever and wherever needed. At this point in my life I consider the knowledge I have of Jesus Christ my greatest honor and posession. I charish it equally with my family as I know that without either of these none would be complete for me. I am lucky to have found a Woman who shares the same love and grattitude to God and devotion to His pourposes, in fact she is more devoted than I am. We seek to teach our children to pray, attend Church, to serve others, and to think of Jesus in all that we do as well as to treat others the way we would want to be treated. We are posative about the future although we do realize that we as well as the world have some severe trials to face. Many people ask the question, "why would God ever let bad things happen to good people or inocent children?". We believe that this life is set up with agency so that we can grow, true there are casualties, but none are ever forgotten and God has faith in us, he believes in us and knows of the great love and Mercy of his Son Jesus Christ. When my wife and I came to realize this our painful trials and the hard lessons learned became some of our most cherrished gems of wisdom and our most incredible opportunities to grow. God loves us! That is why. Everything he does or doesnt do is out of Love, mercy, faith and pure infinate wisdom. This is the core of our beliefs in God. We love you and believe in you too. Reguardless of what nationality or religious background, we honor and appreciate you. Thanks for taking the time to let me share my beliefs with you. It really makes me happy to share what I love with others. I hope you look further into this, that you take some personal time to pray and read and even attend church with us someday. We are not perfect but we are sincerely trying to live as Jesus has taught. Thank you again, Jim