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Hi I'm Debbie

Hi, I've been married to a Mormon for over forty years and joined the church about eight years ago.

About Me

Married over forty years. One married daughter and two teenage grandsons. Work outside the home doing clerical work. Enjoy any kind of sewing or needlework.

Why I am a Mormon

Being married to an inactive Mormon for over thirty years, I understood the basics of the religion and had visitors from the church quite often. It wasn't until my husband became ill that he showed an interest in returning to the church. Things fell into place like this was the time that I should join too. We had some very good missionaries visiting us, the church answered many questions I had, and I had strong urges and dreams that very clearly lead me to the church. Some of the things that I questioned were, "What gives a person the right to preach to anyone else?" and "Isn't it wrong to accept money for doing God's work?" Everyone in the church can tell you exactly how they have the right to do what they do and absolutely no one in the church is paid for anything. They all have regular jobs and voluntarily do the jobs or callings in the church. The Mormon church follows the teachings of the bible closer than any other church I know of. To be a Mormon is not just going to church on Sunday. They have guidelines for almost every aspect of your life. However, it is always your decision and responsibility to choose how you live. Even to the point that they do not collect a plate for tithings. It is your responsibility to get it to the responsible person(s).

How I live my faith

In addition to going to church each Sunday, reading the scriptures, and praying, I have had several callings (jobs) within the church. I started out with a secretary calling for the women's group, Relief Society. Each week I would go to a meeting, take minutes, and collect information for a weekly bulletin to hand out on Sunday. I would take attendance and report monthly statistics. I have been on several committees to organize parties or social gatherings and helped to clean up after functions. Each month the people of the church make an effort to visit each member to see how they are doing and if there is anything they need help with. I had a calling to organize the women's visits. Of course I have several people I visit each month too. Currently, I have a calling as a canning specialist. The Mormon church is well known for it's emergency preparedness and food storage. The church has storehouses where people can go to can food staples, such as flour, sugar, beans, rice, etc. They also have special sessions for canning things like tomato sauce or chili. Some sessions are for people to do their own canning and some are for volunteers to do canning for others. The food storage can be used for any type of emergency, whether it is a job loss or something like an earthquake, it is always good to be prepared. Currently, with the state of the world, the church has changed it's guidelines from storing a years worth, to as much as you can. Things should be rotated so they don't expire and it is my opinion that anything that is getting close to expiration could be given to someone in need. The church has a fast Sunday once a month. On that day everyone is encouraged skip breakfast and lunch on Sunday and pray for something important to them. The money that would have been spent on food is donated to a fund for the needy. On that Sunday, each member is encouraged to get up and give their testimony,