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Hi I'm Becca

Life has taught me that while it's tough, if God is on my side, I can always be tougher. I'm an optimist and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised mostly by my grandmother in my younger years. My parents divorced when I was one year old and I was raised in a single-parent home with my mother and two siblings. Some of my favorite memories were exploring in my grandparents' orchard, swimming in the irrigation ditch, and baking bread with my grandma. Sometimes I was frustrated growing up without a dad in my home. I questioned my value and worth, and I yearned for someone to understand me. These struggles caused me to turn to God in prayer. We are taught that we are God's children; that He is a loving Father in Heaven who desires His children to be successful and to overcome challenges and live in confidence and virtue. I began to talk to him in prayer as I would to a real father here on this earth. I learned to communicate with him from an early age in greater sincerity, trust, and need. Through many answers to prayer, and a growing faith, I learned early that I could get through anything as long as God was on my side, and that without Him, I was nothing. Today I am so blessed to feel the confidence and joy that living the gospel and knowing that I am God's child brings. I know revelation continues, my life has a purpose, that a prophet once again speaks God's truth, and that we can go to God in prayer and will receive answers. I love being married to my dearest and truest friend, and love watching as our life together unfolds each day.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I've chosen to be, over and over. I'm a Mormon because I've never been more joyful than when I'm living the standards and principles of truth taught in the Mormon church. I'm a Mormon because I find my deepest strength through the closeness I feel to my Savior, Jesus Christ, and to God, my Father in Heaven, as I pray in humility and repent of my sins. I'm a Mormon because deep in my heart and soul, in a way I cannot deny, I know the teachings are TRUE. And I'm a Mormon because I love it!! When I was one year old, my mom was faced with a choice. She could raise her 3 children according to the new beliefs my father had developed and was following, or she could choose to raise us as Mormons. Following her faith, she chose to raise us as Mormons, believing that the faith and truths taught in this church and the blessings from living those truths were the most important things she could give her children, even if it meant sacrificing more than she ever imagined she could give. I believe she was right. I was raised with the understanding that life is a series of choices, and whatever you choose becomes your reality and priority. Growing up, even without realizing it, I was faced with the decision everyday of whether or not I wanted to be a Mormon, because I knew it was possible to choose something else. Through the paths I took, I quickly discovered that some paths brought more joy, peace, and strength than others. And I discovered that as I lived the standards taught in the Mormon church, it was easier to obtain and maintain these blessings. Through trials, I have learned the pricelessness of these blessings, and that all blessings come through the Holy Spirit of Christ, which is a gift in each of us. I am a Mormon because of answers to prayer, because of growing faith, and because of sacrifices and love. I am a Mormon, first because it was what I was raised to believe, and second because it is what I have tested and found to be true.

How I live my faith

I love living life as a Mormon! It is full of faith, cheer, service, laughter, meaningful relationships, strong friendships, enduring love, forgiveness, peace, strength through hardships, quiet reflection, security, trust, repentance, support, hope, kindness, virtue, learning, humility, healing, and activity. It's hard to be lonely or bored when I'm living the gospel. Being single in my mid-thirties wasn't something I expected or would have chosen, but I discovered that in my quest for marriage to my Mr. Amazing, life in all its times and seasons is a gift. I know God's hand is guiding my life. I know He loves each of us. I know challenges await us, no matter where we are along life's path, and that those challenges are wonderful. They might not seem like it at first, but I sincerely find joy in discovering what I can learn and how I can grow to become a better person through my challenges. It has been an inspiration and joy to make friends of other faiths who share this same perspective, and I cherish the encouragement we are able to share with one another. I love learning, and continue to seek ways to improve myself. I've been able to travel within my country and overseas, spend precious time (in abundance!) with my nephews and nieces, step in and serve where help is needed, develop hobbies and a fulfilling career, deepen my learning of the scriptures and the world, and to give my heart, everyday, to those around me. I used to see the world as my family since I was single and not yet focused on my own. Now that I'm married, I realize it's not that different. It is an honor to be married to someone who serves with a full heart, and who shares a vision of the world being our family. I see and feel God's influence in my life everyday, and I strive to let that show. Through conversations, service, smiles, and quiet prayer, I seek to share with others a portion of the love I feel from God. He is real.