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Hi I'm Jill

I am a mother of two gorgeous girls, wife to my best friend, world traveler, and self taught artist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife and a mother and I LOVE to travel. I caught the travel bug in my youth when my parents took our family to Yellowstone National Park. I was astounded by the natural beauty found there and couldn't wait to explore more of our magnificent world. I have since had the opportunities to visit many countries in both Europe and Asia. My favorite thing about traveling is meeting other people and experiencing different foods and cultures. I think that traveling helps to break down barriers between countries and cultures. Meeting people from all walks of life and many different nationalities has taught me that as human beings we have so many more similarities than we do differences. My husband and I recently moved back to the United States after living in Japan for three years and I know that living overseas has influenced the person that I am today. I also love to cook and to craft. I have a passion for drawing and painting and crafting in general. I love to paint and craft for my family. There is just something so satisfying about taking a blank piece of paper or canvas and creating something new and beautiful with my own hands. I love to decorate our home with my art and I have recently begun to teach my two year old some simple crafts. So much fun!!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because the message if the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ makes sense. I was raised with a Church background, but I fell away during my teenage years. During that time period I tried to live my life according to the wisdom of the world rather than the Gospel. I felt that the Church was restrictive and limiting and I thought I could better enjoy life without it. I gravitated toward new friends that also sought this "freedom." Rather than feeling free and happy, though, I found that the choices that I made during that period of my life didn't make me happy. I felt lonely and depressed. My new friends weren't there when I needed them. I was weighed down by guilt and regret. I stumbled around for five years without the Gospel in my life and than I was rescued by some wonderful LDS students at the university I was attending when I was eighteen. These students sought me out and wanted to be my friends. I was so touched by their genuine kindness. They didn't judge me for leaving the Church and they didn't pester me to come back. They led by example and eventually I wanted to come back. I wanted to have the the peace and happiness that they displayed in their lives. As I made the journey back I learned so much about myself and the world around me. I learned that each of us has a place and a purpose in this world. We aren't here by accident. There is a wondrous and eternal design to the universe and us and our Heavenly Father is the Designer. I learned that I am here on Earth to learn and grow and reach my full potential. I was also profoundly impressed with the consistency of the message of the Church. In a world with constantly changing moral values I felt security in the unwavering stance the Church takes on so many issues of our day. Ultimately I love what the Gospel teaches about the eternal nature of families. My daughters and my husband are everything to me and I take comfort in the fact that we can be together eternally.

How I live my faith

Our Church community is like a family to me. Living overseas for three years far away from my own family could have been very lonely, but it wasn't. I had the opportunity to participate in the Church community in Japan as a teacher for the youth and as a counselor to the leadership in our Women's organization. By serving in these capacities I learned compassion for those outside my normal peer group. I learned to relate to others and love them. All of us on earth are brothers and sisters as children of our Heavenly Father and we try to treat each other as such. Being a member of the Church has made me want to be a better neighbor. I want to befriend those around me. As a family we try to look for opportunities to serve and befriend others. Sometimes it is something small like making an extra batch of cookies to share with those around us and sometimes it is something bigger, like donating clothes and diapers and food to those in need. I also try to live my faith through personal prayer and scripture study. You have to know what you know and I want to know everything about the religion I subscribe to. One of the ways I am constantly learning more about my faith and consequently living it is by attending church regularly and listening to the words of the apostles and our Prophet. We are also taught that our bodies are temples. I try to dress modestly and take care of my body. It is important to me not only to abstain from alcohol, coffee, or drugs that would harm my body, but to also put good things in my body. I am always trying to think of new recipes that I cook for my family that include lots of healthy fun foods.