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Hi I'm Emily

I'm a devoted mother and wife, loyal friend and kind-hearted, I was a single teenage mom, overcame addiction, and I'm a mormon!

About Me

I'm Emily and I'm a domestic engineer! I'm a mom, wife, student, taxi driver, biohazardous waste removal expert, box chef, movie/tv critic, hairdresser, interior decorator, maid, reader, writer, coupon snipper, painter, and more! I love my family! I am devoted to them and do all I can to make them happy and know they are loved. My husband is my world and together we've discovered the secret to a happy marriage: DATE NIGHT!! Whether we're going out or staying in, one night a week is ours! Sometimes we go out but mostly we stay in, turn the lights down low and watch a good movie with a big bowl of ice cream! I just started going back to school, I'm working towards my bachelors in Earth Science. I'm a few years older than I'd like to be for school, but better late than never! I am constantly driving, changing diapers, cleaning toilets, cooking frozen and boxed foods (my husband would tell you this is because I cant cook very good!), I'm guilty of loving the Twilight book series, watching reality tv and not getting around to a shower every day!! I am happy. I cry at just about anything (happy or sad) and love that about myself! I love people, I currently work with about 25 people that are recovering addicts and help them to see life after addiction. Its rewarding work and just proves what love and kindness can do for someones life. Best advice I could give to anyone looking to be happy is this: LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. My fathers family was Mormon for generations back, my mother converted for him. I wasn't raised active in the church but my father kept me close to the teachings of Jesus Christ by reading the Book Of Mormon with me and taking me to church now and then. Most importantly he talked to me alot about what it meant to be Mormon and what it meant to be a good person. My parents didn't raise me active in the church but they both took active parts in raising me to be a good person. When you really think about it, we as Mormons are really just trying to be the best we can - taking care of our bodies, our spirits, and our brothers and sisters. When I was 16, I got caught up in the wrong crowd, addiction became a struggle for me. when I was 18, I found out I was pregnant and sobered up immediately - 5 years later, I've never looke back. I gave birth to a healthy little boy and started raising him as a single mother. I decided to go see my bishop and discuss coming back to church. He helped me through a lot but I never quite devoted myself to going back to church. When my son was 15 months old I started dating my husband. He was amazing, he took my son in like his own and was great with him! He was also an inactive mormon. When we got married, we both made it clear that we wanted to raise our family in the church. We agreed that though we've made mistakes, the gospel was the firm foundation in our lives that helped us through everything. When we got married we moved to a small town where the church was NOT going to let us slip through the cracks! The primary president called one evening to tell us our son was going to be in sunbeams and that was it. We didnt want him to miss out on the joys of the gospel so we began going every sunday! A few months later, our little girl was born, a year later, we were going to the temple and receiving the full joys of the gospel. We are active, temple worthy, and happy. Life couldnt be better!

How I live my faith

I am a member of the primary presidency - the primary presidency is a group of people that oversee church activities and classes for kids ages 18 months to 11 years old. What a blessing it is to work with these kids! From teaching them in class to watching them learn new songs, there is something earth shattering about a child learning their Heavenly Father knows and loves them. Working in the primary, I have learned that the most beautiful thing is the testimony of a child - it reminds me that I must be like a child, they dont question what they know, they just know it and love it! I also go visiting teaching each month. This is where we meet up with other women in our church and visit! I love this time with these sisters, we get to share a wonderful message with them but we also just get to talk - and everyone knows I love to talk!! I also participate in the monthly activities for women! We get to learn new things - from knitting to preparedness to beading and making bows! It is just a wonderful place to get together with other woman, learn from each other, help each other, and learn new things that we can use to make our families stronger, happier, and healthier! The women of this church are incredible. They help me to raise the bar for myself and to try to be better. We are such a close-knit group of women that do anything we can to help one another. I have never seen such a happier bunch of women! I used to think I wasn't like them so I could never get to know them, but once I finally allowed myself to get to know them, I realized I was just like them - HUMAN!!! We all make mistakes, we all wish we were better at pretty much everything we do, but we cheer each other on, build each other up and help each other know how loved we are by our friends, family and our Heavenly Father!

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

The story of Jesus Christ coming to America is one of my favorite. My favorite part is when He called the people to Him and the children started coming too. Many people tried to hush the children and tell them to leave so they could hear Jesus speak. But Jesus stopped them and told them to bring the children to Him. One by one He blessed the children and it says He wept as He did it. When I think of the love He had for those children, the love He has for my children and the love He has for me, I know that I can make it through anything. I am so thankful for the love He has for each of us and the things He has done to bring more joy to this life. Show more Show less