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Hi I'm Marilyn

I'm a Full time Wife, Mother, Employee, Student, Mentor, Daughter, Sister, Friend, and I am a Mormon!

About Me

I am a wife to the most incredible husband. I am the mother to 3 children. I am an Administrative Assistant/Dispatcher/Bookeeper/Inventory Specialist/Counselor/Mentor/Mediator. I am a poet. I am a Social Butterfly. I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

My motto is :" I can't; I'm Mormon.", this motto comes from the strict guidelines of the Mormon faith, but the bottom line underscores a deeper truth about the way Mormons are perceived. When my co-workers discovered my religious preference, they were a little shocked, for one, Im Black, and also, it was hard for them to believe that somebody would willingly choose not to drink, not to do drugs, to abstain from pre-martial sex, not to swear, not to go out or spend money on Sunday, to give up 10% of my income, and keep GOD 1st in their life, no matter what the situation might have been. These restrictions prohibit most of the things that many adults my age would find fun. So why on earth am I a Mormon? It is something that rests deep within my heart, because in reality, being Mormon is a lifestyle. It influences everything you think, the way you see the world, and what decisions you make. My religion defines me, and while some might think that makes for a shallow, mediocre existence, my religion is actually a great source of happiness. It is through my religion that I am able to see who I really am. I like having something to structure my life around, to draw upon for strength, and that gives me answers to life’s simplest but most profound questions, such as “What is the purpose of life?” I can truly say that I know why I am here on this earth and that I know what choices I should be making. I guess what I am trying to say is that I choose to be Mormon because it works for me. It isn’t just something that my parents do and that I am doing because I am forced to, and it’s not something I do because it’s easy and fun. It’s something I choose to believe and live by because I know it is true. I am not condemning those who are not Mormon or who don’t believe in religion; I am just trying to show why I make the decisions I do. I love the motto, "I can't; I'm Mormon. It describes my lifestyle, perfectly, it's who I am, it's me.

How I live my faith

I am a Young Women Secretary, an active & on point Visiting Teacher, & an Youth Activity coordinator. As a Young Women Secretary, I have the opportunity to interact and be an active role model in the lives of young women ages 12-18. I participate in teaching the gospel to these young women & mingle with them in fun, educational, & spiritual activities. I have learned over the years that as women (young & older), we are far more verbal on average than men and have a need to talk about our feelings. When facing challenges, it comforts us as women to know that one other person is aware of and understands what they are going through, we receive added strength and are better capable of getting through diffucult times, even if it's just help each other with a listening ear. In a world as cold as ours, we need to be willing to open our hearts a little bit to receive the warmth of compassionship, friendship, and love. We enjoy a good laugh, because we have all "been there/done that". Visiting Teaching has allowed me to form Forever Friendships, friendships that only Heavenly Father could have put together,...it's a CALL TO SERVE, which is a call to be in the service of our fellow sisters which is to be in the service of our GOD. I try to leave a mark on every sister I come in contact with,.."you have to walk by faith, not by sight". When growing up, my grandmother described faith as a candle flame, a glow that keeps us strong, and faith is there to see us through when things seem to go wrong, which they sometimes do. Life's not always easy, we're bund to have some sorrow, but faith can help to get us through, to a better day & tomorrow. So always remember that your faith will help make dark days seem more bright. I believe in her words and everyday, I strive to become the strong Black women she is. I love my family because they have taught me that FAITH is all I need and Faith is what keeps me closer to my Heavenly Father, and FAITH is the reason why I am a MORMON!