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Hi I'm Ann

I grew up in a small country town, southern grown. i love porch swings and running on dirt roads. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy a slow pace...when I can get it. I love the outdoors, eating boiled peanuts, and reading a good book. My favorite season is fall. I am a runner, a mother, and have been accused of having an old soul. I take that as a compliment, seeing that I love the old folks. I find pleasure in the simple things of life and consider myself to be sentimental. I love antiques and really, anything that is old. I love music and can play the piano--- somewhat. I enjoy singing and do so loudest in my home when no one is around. It feels great!! I am a decorator. I love interior design and enjoy making beautiful things. I love people and often speak to any and everyone in passing. I also love time for myself-- time to write, time to reflect, and time to listen.

Why I am a Mormon

Hmm, I suppose that is the million dollar question for all Mormons. I know I personally have been asked that exact question by many of my dearest and closest friends. They would ask it out of complete love, often with tears, and honest concern for my soul in the life to come. They would tenderly express, "We can't understand how someone as smart as you could believe in such a religion." How grateful I am for such genuine friends who cared so much as to ask "why?" That was the start of many wonderful discussions together. Looking back, I suppose if anyone is to blame for me being a Mormon, it would be my father. His favorite response (or so it seemed) in regards to most questions directed at him was to "pray about it." As a child and especially as a teenager, I grew to hate that saying of his and would oft times roll my eyes and mock him behind his back, obviously not grasping any of the wisdom within it. "Pray about it?" I would say, ''whatever, I will just do what I want to then." And I did. And I failed. I took trips that did not need to be taken, trips that ended with flat tires and broken timing belts... Sometimes, we must be humbled or allowed to be broken in order for us to turn to The Savior. Each of us must come to a place (oft times dark and lonely) to where we feel we NEED Him, to where we know we can't do it by ourselves. It is within those hours that we come unto Him, that His mercy and love can be felt. And within His love we then desire to be changed, to become His, and to become like Him. Prayer truly does change things. It changes people and it softens hearts, at least it did mine. It is through prayer that I (along with friends) have come to know and recognize the truths found in the Mormon religion. God does speak to us today and He does answer prayers still. He loves those who seek after Him, and it is unto those who seek that find. He can lead you (a searcher of truth) to greater truths, greater joys, and greater happiness. This I know.

How I live my faith

"Live like you believe." These words are found within the inspiring lyrics of a beautiful song that is popular among our youth today. The very message of that song has found its way into my heart & there has stayed. It's a song that I find myself singing throughout my day. But what does it mean to "live like you believe?'' I suppose that would depend on what it is you believe in. For me, it means remembering that this life is not all about me. It is knowing that I am not sent here to this earth to merely entertain myself but to reach deeper within & to look beyond myself. It means being patient with the impatient, loving those who oft times are the hardest to love, & even forgiving those who will never ask for it. It means being honest when not properly charged for an item in the store. It means complimenting another when it would be easier to criticize. It means giving the benefit of a doubt to those who have hurt you. It means introducing yourself to the new neighbors & asking how you can be of service to them. It means striving to live a life of purity & goodness in this tainted & corrupt society. It means you take the time to remember a name. It's taking time to listen & not speak. It's taking the opportunity to hold the door for a stranger. It's striving to live the laws of the land & being patient with those who don't. It means caring for & watching out for all of God's children.Of course I have not mastered all of these great suggestions but each day I do try my best to live like I believe. To live in such a way that others can feel something different about me. To live a simple & quiet life in a happy way. Kindness matters. To me it means to live like the Savior.To live like I not only believe in Him, but that I also trust & know Him. I do believe in Christ, the very same Jesus you believe in now. I know He would have us do all these things mentioned & more. He loves us & wants us to become like Him. I know as we do so, greater peace & happiness will follow.