What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Randall Salazar

I am a convert to the church. I am married. I love being outdoors, soccer, Boy Scouts of America, archery, and much more.

About Me

HI My name Is Randall Salazar I am 24 and, I am a convert to the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was baptize on July 24, 2010. I am married to a wonderful woman. I grew up in an abusive home, at the age of ten my parents spit up and got divorced. My mom met someone else and move away when I was about 13 leaving me with my dad. Living with him was terrible, When I was in middle school I was kick out of my house in a blizzard in Colorado. My step mom and sister convinced him to pick me up and bring me back home later that same night only in fear that he might get arrested. Now I have forgiven him for what he has done and ask that he might be able to forgive me. Even though I went through all of this stuff I love the man for everything he has taught me. Sure most of it was in a bad way but I feel like I have learned this way for a reason. I was adopted into an LDS family. I love playing Ultimate Frisbee, I love Parkour and free running. I love Snowboarding. Well lets just face it I love being outdoors. Lifting Weights is fun. I love music there is only a few different genre's that I don't like. Being real with people is so much better than being fake. I love life. Now I am serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Maryland Baltimore Mission. I love every moment of my mission. I have learned so much. Learned to Love God even MORE and to love everyone else more.

Why I am a Mormon

After I moved away from my abusive dad I moved to somewhere else where I can start a new life. I moved next to a girl who offered me a ride to school. I respectfully declined the offer and decided I was going to walk to school everyday. I forgot about winter though. It was late November Early December of 2009 when I asked for that ride that she had offered. She said yes and when her ride pulled up we got in the car. It was then when she told me that she had to go to seminary she said it was a church thing. I was in the car already and I didn't want to be rude so I went in. I tuned in to listen to what the seminary teacher had to say. I kept going everyday mostly for the ride but eventually to listen. I even started to participate. In February of 2010 I was asked to go to church by another friend now one of my best friends. I went and loved everything that I heard, I loved the standards that the church lived by. That week I started getting invited to activities and one that stood out the most was the pinoneer trek. there on the second day I saw an angel of the lord helping my trek family push and pull our handcart up a ridge. the spirit there was the strongest I have ever felt even to this day. It was on the third day that I realized that this church Is the true church of God. 2-3 weeks later I was baptize.

How I live my faith

Today I live life based on the church. I try to participate in every activity that I can weather it is just an activity to purely have fun or community service. I strongly believe in doing good to all men, in helping others and seeing there life change like mine has. I live by the standards of the church, I attend church every Sunday, I read my scriptures everyday. I do this because I want to start building a foundation for my future family. to teach them what I know and what I have learned. I like to show what I have been blessed with. I love sharing what I know to be true with everyone else. I love to help people a lot seeing their life change is so AWESOME!

What is the priesthood?

Randall Salazar
The Priesthood is the authority to act in God's name. Its the same authority the Christ gave to his apostles that are mentioned in the bible. I like to think of the authority like this. If an Ice Cream truck tries pulling you over you would probably not stop. Well unless you wanted Ice Cream. Lets say you do stop and now he walks up and tries giving you a ticket. You probably would laugh and drive off. Now lets say a cop come up and flips on his light and pulls you over you most likely would and then he comes up to you and gives you a ticket. You see the cop has that authority and it was given to him by some else how has the authority. It is a lot like that now one can just have God's Authority it is give from him. All male members of the church can receive it. It goes towards helping the church and Heavenly Fathers Children. It is used to bless other people's lives. A man with the priesthood might serve in some of the following ways: 1)Leading congregations of the Church 2)Performing the ordinances of the Church, such as baptism 3)Blessing those who are sick Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Randall Salazar
If you are truly wanting to know if the Church is for you then the process is really easy however it may take some time. All you need to do is pray to Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ if it is true and continue in your scripture studies. Now when you do this I ask you to sit and wait a little before you get up and move around to see what you are feeling. The Spirit will tell you that it is true. If you are feeling something like: Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Comfort. If you are feeling these things as you are reading and praying you are feeling the Holy Ghost telling you that these things are true. I know for myself that they are true and you can to. Show more Show less