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Hi I'm Alianna.

I'm a world traveler, a fashion plate and a question-asker. I'm a taker of roads less traveled. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I wish I could say that I am doing something amazing like becoming a doctor. I wish I could say that I have hobbies as exciting as a motorcycle enthusiast or a rock climber. I wish I could tell you that you've never met anyone like me, but I can't because you probably have. I'm just a regular girl trying to live life to the fullest. I'm a not-so-recent college grad trying to decide what I want to be "when I grow up." I'm a wife to the most supportive and amazing husband, who backpacked through Europe with me last March; and we are eagerly awaiting our next traveling adventure. I'm a creator. I enjoy decorating different indoor spaces and writing fictional novels that will never leave my computer hard drive. I like re-inventing recipes by adding of little of my own ideas. I love to be innovative with fashion by mixing colors and patterns to make a one-of-a-kind outfit. And I'm spontaneous. I find enjoyment in doing the unexpected and the rarely-done. I like being a unique individual who takes the road less traveled; one who is known and loved by a Heavenly Father.

Why I am a Mormon

Being born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made being a Mormon a non-option. I grew up reading scripture stories and singing songs from the children's primary book. I went to church for three hours every Sunday. I was baptized and confirmed at 8 years old. When I turned 14, I realized I wasn't sure if I had a testimony or a habit. I didn't know if my belief in Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel was because I felt of its truth or because I learned it at church. I had questions and I needed answers, so I did what I had been taught to do: I prayed. I remember kneeling on the worn blue carpet in my bedroom. I remember asking if the church was true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God as I hid my face, embarrassed that I didn't already know the answer. I remember crying so much that it felt like I had permanent tear tracks etched onto my face. But mostly I remember the warmth that consumed my body. It started in my heart and my head and spread to the tips of my fingers. I didn't even have to ask what it was though I had never felt anything like it. It was the Holy Ghost testifying to me. And I knew, without a doubt, that it was all true. Joseph Smith was a prophet, called by God to restore the gospel. The church was true. And I received an additional answer to a question that I didn't ask, fearing that I wouldn't get a confirmation: Heavenly Father loved me and He knew me, Alianna. The feeling continued to linger long after I had asked my questions and I remember thinking that I had never felt so calm in my life. I try to keep this experience, my conversion, in mind when life throws me for a loop. Sometimes it's enough to get me through my trials. Sometimes it's not. It is during those difficult times that I try to remember the answer to my unasked question that night. Heavenly Father knows me and loves me. He's there even when I feel alone. That is the truth that gets me through and I hope and pray that I always remember.

How I live my faith

For me, being a Mormon is about living my beliefs everyday, every place. For me, being a Mormon is about being a good example of faith, hope, and charity to those around me. For me, being a Mormon is about constant committment. I am always recommitting myself to be hopeful and charitable and faithful, even when the road ahead seems dark and dreary. Recently, it seems as if nothing goes right. I'm always having to change my life plan. As a perpetual planner, this is difficult. It's hard to have faith when we work so hard for something we want and we don't get it. It's hard to feel loved by Heavenly Father when we feel ignored. But I'm learning to live and keep my faith by being optimistic, reminding myself that Heavenly Father has a plan for me.