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Hi I'm Cal.

I was born into a LDS family and grew up in the heart of Mormon country. Now older and wiser than in my youth I am still a Mormon.

About Me

After high school I did a stint in the US Army. I then served for two years as a full time missionary of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Southern England. I attended university and graduated with a degree in accounting. In conjunction with work I have traveled to much of the US, four European countries, Japan, Korea and China. I ended my working days as a contract administrator for a computer graphics company. Life has provided me with a few learning experiences, though at the time it was hard to view them as such. I have been through two divorces, but have been married since 1988 to a wonderful woman who brought two great young men into my life. These two have joined my three natural and one adopted child to form a wonderful family that have added 18 additional little ones to our tribe over the years. Two of our children have been through divorce and one child has struggled with drug addiction. My life has not been perfect, it has not been without challenges, yet I view my life as the most wonderful and fulfilling existence I could have. I owe my blessed life to a loving and caring Father in Heaven who knows who I am, what I need, and is willing to allow me to learn through experiencing life in such a way that if I am mindful of his teachings I grow and increase in knowledge and wisdom.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a loving "Mormon" family. My parents were both active members of the Church. I went to church each week with them. I participated in the Church's youth programs and in general just went with the flow. In my late teen years I concluded that I could no longer live in the light of my parents faith. I had no argument with the Church or it doctrine, but I did not have my own testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I had not read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, and thus did not know of its truthfulness. As was the custom, young men of 19 years of age were encouraged to serve two year missions for the Church. I was not sure that path was for me and expressed that feeling to my parents. Their support was unexpected. Their counsel was to pray about the path I should follow. I did and believed that at that point on my life I should enter the military. It was during my time in the military that I met many wonderful people who were converts to the Church. To that point in my life I had not personally, to my knowledge, known a convert. Seeing and learning how the Gospel had affected their lives, caused me to reflect on my own. I read the Book of Mormon, I prayed about the validity of the doctrine found in it and as to the actuality of the visitation of God the Father and Jesus Christ to which Joseph Smith attested. I found to my satisfaction, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is a second witness, with the Bible, of the divinity of Jesus Christ. I came to believe that Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of all mankind, that the fulness of His Gospel has been restored to earth, including the authority or Priesthood to act in God's name. And that today God has a chosen Prophet, through whom he gives direction to his children. With this belief, knowledge and testimony I am able to have in my life the blessings of peace, joy and true happiness that following the Gospel principles brings.

How I live my faith

How one lives their faith is a very interesting proposition. Does it come through "good" living, acts of kindness and service, through constant prayer, study and attendance at church? Is it an inward focused feeling or outward actions? For me it has become, through the years, the sum total of all of these. Through my experience I have come to understand that true faith is best expressed through action. I need to be found following the principles of the Gospel in the way I act, react, think, talk and in general live. My faith cannot be a "Sunday Suit" that I put on for appearance. My faith must be part and parcel of who I am. Not to be misunderstood, I am not always good at it. I falter, I stumble, I error. Notwithstanding this, I believe that I can be forgiven of these falterings, stumblings and errors (sins), if I will repent and continue trying to overcome my weaknesses. As to my activity in the Church and otherwise as an expression of my faith, I try each day to read from the scriptures and pray both formally and less formally. I currently serve with my wife in teaching a course of study on Marriage and Family Relations. With a companion I visit, at least once a month, with three families to deliver a message and check on their welfare. I presently serve two days a week at an LDS Employment Resource Center, assisting people in assessing their job needs and helping them look for work. When I can, usually in poor weather, I go online and index or transcribe data from images of historical records into computer files that can eventually be used to assist in family historical research. As occasion my offer, I participate at spice packaging and/or grain processing facilities that produce products for the Church Welfare System. I also get to help clean our church building every third month. Restrooms are my specialty. And, as the head of our family, I try to influence our children and grandchildren through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the best of my ability.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Did Christ only help Jews? Of course not. Christ helped or served all of those he came into contact with. As a Christian, I attempt to follow the example of Christ. Am I naturally drawn to those who are "like" me? Yes I am, however as a follower of Christ I try and go beyond my own circle of comfort and look for those I can be of service to wither it is the widowed "non-member" who lives across the street or the person of unknown affiliation who visits the LDS Employment Resource Center where I serve. They are the children of the same God I worship. I donate to the local, nondenominational food bank, and donate used clothing and household goods to the Church's equivalent of the Salvation Army - Deseret Industries - who serve the community at large, without regard to religious or non-religious affiliation. Show more Show less