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Hi I'm Joanne and I'm a Mormon.

I'm a Mormon. I searched for many years to find answers to childhood questions about my purpose and what happens after I die.

About Me

I'm a retired Administrative Assistant from a state agency for several years now. I enjoy several grandchildren both babies and college grads. My five children range in age from mid-40s to mid 30s. I have two deceased children that I think of often and look forward to seeing again one day. I enjoy waterfalls and crashing surf, music in general - mostly playing piano and guitar, reading historical novels, watching science fiction aka Trekker, and spending time with family on holidays. I love to travel and look forward to visiting more and more of this beautiful country and it's many wonders. I support, honor, and appreciate those serving in our Armed Forces more and more these days. I marvel at the Missionaries who give away two years of their lives in service to the Lord and His people. I reflect on the many trials and tribulations of my past and am in awe of the personal nature of our Heavenly Father as he blesses my life over and over in so many different ways. Sometimes I fail to see the blessing until time has passed and the lesson has been firmly planted in my heart. And, at times, it scares me to realize how up close and personal He is involved in my seemingly pathetic little life but at the same time it thrills me to know how important I am to Him.

Why I am a Mormon

I have searched for the answer to three questions to life since I was about seven or eight years old until I was in my early 30s. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going after I die? One evening at a "fat-club" meeting, a young mother mentioned that she was a Mormon and wasn't sure why she was even there. For the rest of the meeting all i could focus on was "What is a Mormon?" At the end of the meeting, I grabbed her on her way out and asked her that question. She was slightly startled and surprised and said she had to hurry home to nurse her baby but hande me a pamphlet with her name and phone number on the back. The pamphlet was called Heavenly Father's Plan and when i opened it up and saw my three questions there in big bold letters with answers beneath them you can imagine how i must have felt. It was my answer to years of searching for something that I wasn't even sure I was searching for. My heart burned within me and I "devoured" that pamphlet in minutes and then went home and read and re-read it. I was thrilled, joyous even and my journey to becoming a member of The Church of JesusChrist of Latter-Day Saints began. I have learned much and grown much in these last 32 years and look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge with anyone searching for truth. May God bless you in your journey as well, wherever it happens to take you - it will be wherever you need it to be at the time.

How I live my faith

I have had many "callings" in my Church history, including musical, teaching, leadership, and service. A sister and I visit several other sisters monthly to see to any needs they may have and bring them an uplifting, spiritual message. We listen for spiritual promptings on their behalf during the month in case there may be a need we're unaware of that they may not feel comfortable sharing with us. The men in the Church have a similar program in place where they keep in touch with families throughout each month. These programs and many others help us care for each other in ways we might now should they not be in place. Many of these programs are patterned after the way the Lord's Church was organized and set up in early days of His ministry. I enjoy the fellowship and friendship of so many and the opportunities to share what we have with others. I have learned so much about the Gospel, the Lord Jesus Christ, His Church, and myself and my place in the scheme of things. My experience as a Latter-Day Saint has helped me realize how important I am, how much worth I have in the eyes of God and how much others need to hear these things. I've learned that forgiveness is not saying that what happened is okay, but rather it's giving up the negative energy drain it has had on my "self" and how much of a burden it is to me. I've learned that depression is really the other side of fear and anger and how to "let go" of those negative emotions, and how much the burden of depression bears on not just you but those close to you as well. I have learned how much God loves me and wants me to succeed in this life as I struggle to make my way to the next one. I'm learning each day that "perfection" comes one step at a time but that it is indeed attainable, if not here in this wonderful life then surely in the next. May God bless you with the realization of your worth and esteem is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Joanne and I'm a Mormon.
I just know that i asked myself these 3 questions since I was a little girl: 1 - Where did I come from? 2-Why am I here? 3-Where am I going after I die? And there staring me in the face after a LDS woman gave me the Pamphlet: The Purpose of Life, were the answers to my questsions! I felt a glowing warmth in my heart and somehow, I knew this was a truth and a very turning point in my life. Now, after 33 years as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, my "testimony" is even deeper and more comforting. I invite you to experience the same if you're TRULY interested in knowing more and not just curious about other religions. God will "testify" to you of truth, whenever and wherever you find it; not just in LDS doctrine as there are true "Christians" all over the earth. No person converts another person - the Lord converts people because their inner Spirit recognizes HIS voice. God Bless you to find the answers to your questions. Show more Show less