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Hi I'm Dave

I grew up in Hyrum, Utah - a town named after Joseph Smith's brother. I wasn't a Mormon until after I left. And now I am.

About Me

I married my grade school sweetheart. We met on the first day of kindergarten and I decided to marry her by the third grade. It took Colleen until college to become convinced. In the interim we shared a love of learning and a healthy competition in school. She was clearly the better mathematician. We spoke together at our high school graduation. I love history and public affairs. We are a family that loves discussions, especially about complex issues. My son with a PhD in history and I can have endless conversations (his wife cannot understand why). I love creativity and wish I had more. I have a son who is a theatre sound designer, and two more who plan on being writers. While I am a good writer, I do not have the imagination to write stories. Perhaps I passed on my desires and they are developing the skills I wish I had. I am look forward to seeing their work. My wife passed away from cancer in 2002. It was hard for our family and a loss that never really leaves. But we carry on. Since that time, two of my sons have earned advanced degrees. The other two are working on becoming writers. They are great kids.

Why I am a Mormon

Because the challenge of being a better, more generous and forgiving person invigorates me. That the prophet Enoch inspired a group of people that "were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them" astounds me and gives me hope. How did they do it? How did they overcome personality traits like competitiveness, fault finding, pride, avarice and dishonesty that we are guilty of from time to time? Imagine not coveting or not being being angry that the person next to you has much more and worked less. The selflessness that we try to develop is hard. I love the fact that I can work to become better, and that Jesus Christ makes it possible for me to overcome my failures. That He not only can forgive me, but that He can inspire and encourage me. His lifting of my burdens is a priceless gift and one that I will always try to be worthy of.

How I live my faith

Children are often taught at an early age to ask "what would Jesus do?" as they make decisions. When we are little, the answers come easily. Don't hit, bite or push. Don't steal either. As we get older, the questions becomes ever more complex. How would Jesus resolve the conflict with my neighbor, my son, or my boss? Those answers are often not quickly arrived at, but rather require some time to think about, to ponder over, and to pray. I try to allow myself time to answer those questions, rather than just moving ahead with my best judgment. The latter is always easier, but the former more satisfying. I grew up the odd man out. Everyone around me was different than I in so many ways. The aloneness that sometimes comes from our differences can build self-sufficiency, but also can create a certain aloofness, or even worse, a feeling of superiority. I hope that I work hard to include everyone, to be the one that reaches out to another who might be feeling alone. Finally, I try to be forgiving - to overcome the quick rush to judgment or frustration that arises when things aren't going my way or when someone has crossed me. I'm not always successful, but I work hard not to carry a grudge, and to forgive and move forward.