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Hi I'm Joel Landoe

80's era adrenaline enthusiast turned family man, living life to the fullest by raising my family with strong Christian values.

About Me

I'm a Husband and Father of four children. My wife Karah and I are both Seattle natives, and have been blessed to raise our family here, living close to extended family, and close to the many beautiful outdoor attractions in the Northwest. Some of the things we like to do as a family are riding bicycles along the Sumner-Orting trail, driving out to the Washington coast for day trips, and we have a special over-night destination on Hamersley Inlet that we try to go to once a year. We also drive down to Oregon once-per year to buy school clothes and enjoy the Oregon coast. In April 2010, my family made a decision together to move out to the middle east, for a job opportunity that was too good to pass up. So currently, we are living in Al Ain, UAE home schooling our children and trying to reinforce the Christian values and traditions we were raised with, while living in this predominantly Muslim nation. We are finding it a rewarding challenge to live in a different place, learning about a very different culture and traditions from which we were raised. We look forward to coming back in a couple years to the Seattle area to be close with family again.

Why I am a Mormon

The main reason why I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is because I decided to read for myself the Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ and see if the book really is true. Fortunately, growing up I was surrounded by others who had already gone through their own process of becoming converted to the gospel, but every person's experience seemed to be unique to them and I wondered how I would finally know -that I know. Over time, curiosity developed into a hunger to really know for myself independent of anyone else whether the Book of Mormon was true. I read it, and did what Moroni asked me to do near the end of the book which was to "...pray to God in the name of Christ to see if these things are true. And if they are true, He shall manifest the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost". I followed this advice and prayed until I did obtain the witness of the Holy Ghost and I knew that I knew. The rest of my convictions stem from that knowledge I obtained regarding the Book of Mormon. Now I know that Father in Heaven loves me, and that Jesus Christ is my creator and my Eternal Advocate despite my shortcomings. I know that God has a perfect plan for us to live in happiness. I know this happiness can exist independent of the environment or circumstances that I find myself in, because this happiness comes from inside and not from external or physical things.

How I live my faith

I live my Faith, by getting up each morning and talking with my Father in Heaven. Keeping a personal relationship with God is an important part of living my Faith. If I can't talk with God, or feel that he is guiding me, then I feel that I would be greatly handicapped in my role as a Father or Husband. I also lead my family early each morning in a family prayer and 1 chapter of scripture reading. We usually try to pick one thought to discuss or summarize from the scriptures each day. Once a week, I set aside time in the schedule to have a special family night, where we play a game, sing songs, study and pray with a special purpose of strengthening our family. Each Friday (Friday is the Sabbath in the middle east), I drive my family along with several other families across town to a Cement Villa that we rent together for the purpose of worshiping God. We come together to partake of sacrament together, to sing, and to teach each other lessons and strengthen each other. I have the important job of leading the young men in our congregation from ages 12-18. I have 9 young men. One of the ways that I am teaching them is to encourage them to learn their duty to God. Each worthy young man is given the priesthood authority of God. My role is to help them understand how to use this sacred authority and all the duties that come with it. One ways I help them understand their duty is by taking them out to visit and to minister to people inside our congregation. Another way I teach them is through specific lessons and training geared toward helping them develop Christ-like attributes, like humility, charity, and patience.

What do Mormons believe about family?

Joel Landoe
We believe our family relationships here on earth can and should extend to the next sphere if we take the steps to ensure this happens. God has provided priesthood power on earth to seal or bind families together forever. This tremendous blessing depends on each individual's personal faithfulness. Show more Show less