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Hi I'm Christopher!

I'm a family man, a sexual addiction therapist, a board game lover, a speaker and advocate for self worth, and...I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live in Washington state. I am the father of two beautiful children, and the husband to the strongest and most amazing wife in the world. Sheri and I have a dynamic relationship and we push each other to grow every day. We love to just be together and often find ourselves talking hours at a time. I love a variety of things and I am eager to experience what life has to offer. I enjoy the outdoors, growing bonsai trees, inventing board games, computers, singing, playing the trombone, movies, and chocolate. Can't forget the chocolate! Through my experiences and challenges in life, I have come to value the inherent worth and unconditional value of every human being. I am passionate about spreading the message that every one of us has a purpose in this life. Every one of us has something to contribute, whether on a small or large scale. I help people overcome sexual addictions through counseling, and I use my practice to help each client discover their unique talents and personality so that they can find fulfillment and happiness. You'll never find me turning down an opportunity to speak to any person or audience about how to be your true self. I love seeing the light in people's eyes when they start to realize that their worth as a human being is unconditional.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family in which both of my parents were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons. I grew up as a Mormon, but I realized in my early teenage years that I needed to find out for myself if God and Jesus Christ really existed and really loved me. I prayed for many months and read the Bible and the Book of Mormon throughout my childhood. I also listened to beautiful music. Music has always inspired me and helped me feel connected to the world around me. Eventually, as I sought to talk with my Father in Heaven, I felt the peace of the Holy Spirit confirm to me that God lives, that Jesus is my Savior, and that Jesus restored His gospel to the earth by establishing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have sought to understand God more and more since then. I am a Mormon because of the peace and happiness that comes from following God and trusting in the Savior. The more I seek to know God, the more clear life becomes in every way. I see other people more charitably. I see God's hand in nature and I see the subtle ways He operates in guiding His purposes in this world. I am a Mormon because I know, through personal revelation, that the Bible and Book of Mormon contain the actual word of God. The Holy Ghost has taught me that Joseph Smith was a humble prophet of God, called to teach us about the Savior. I am a Mormon because I have felt the power of Christ's saving grace. I have felt Him turn my weaknesses into strengths. I am a Mormon because my church is an organization that focuses on serving humanity and reminds me that every person is a child of God, and that we need to treat everyone as such. I am a Mormon because my faith encourages me to seek all truth in all fields, not just in religion, because God is the God of all things in existence, not just the God of church. Anything that is truth, no matter where we find it, comes from God.

How I live my faith

My family and I attend church every Sunday at our local congregation. I love the opportunity to fellowship with other members of my faith, as well as with people that are visitors. Everyone is welcome to come to one of our meetings! I sing at church, I teach lessons and share my beliefs with others. Sometimes I am asked to speak to my congregation, because every one of us is given the opportunity to teach. We believe in teaching one another, for all of us can learn from each other. Yet, at the same time, we make sure to only teach things that come from what the scriptures and our prophets teach. Yes, we have a prophet living today, leading our church! I don't worship any mortal person in my church, I only worship Christ and Heavenly Father. But just as in ancient days, we have prophets that are called by Jesus to teach His word and receive revelation. Every six months I get to attend a general conference and hear our prophet and apostles speak to us. It is an amazing opportunity. I live my faith by going into the homes of fellow church members and making friends, while also making sure they have all of their needs met. We believe in watching out for each other and helping when there is a need. I also worship by going to one of our temples, which are buildings different than the church buildings we worship in on Sundays. When I go to the temple, I renew promises I made to follow God, and in return He gives me promises just as He made promises to people in the scriptures. One of these promises is that I can be with my wife and children forever after death. I can be married to my wife forever! That is one of the greatest joys I have. I live my faith by praying to God every day. I pray to Him as my Father. I tell Him everything I am thinking and feeling, even when I am struggling with weaknesses. He listens to me, no matter what. I try to read the scriptures every day so that I can have strength and clarity regarding the most important things in life. I love my God!

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

We need a Savior because none of us is perfect. God is a perfect and holy being, and He dwells in a perfect, sinless kingdom. This can be intimidating to us mortals, and without a Savior, we could not be there. His kingdom could not be perfect if there were imperfect people living there. Christ has given us the good news that we can be cleansed of our sins and weaknesses through His grace. I try to live my life the best I can, but no matter how good I may do, it is never enough without Christ. I promise to follow Him and to turn my weaknesses over to Him, and He promises in return to turn my weaknesses into strengths, one step at a time. We also need a Savior because He has also suffered all of our physical and emotional pains. He can perfectly empathize with everything we have all gone through. So even if nobody around you understands you and what you struggle with, Jesus does and He has the power to give you real and unspeakable peace, even in the midst of your darkest hours. I know this is true from personal experience. There is no grief or weakness He cannot heal in time. Show more Show less