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Hi I'm Matt Wheeler

I'm a husband and father. I'm a photographer and always seem to be a student of something. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband and I love being one! I was blessed with an amazing wife who loves me even though I am sometimes silly. I love being a dad and my kids love me in part because I am not afraid to be silly. I learn more and more about my Father in Heaven as I raise my children and I look to Him as an example. I desire to be like Him as a loving perfect example. I am a photographer. I started shooting professionally when I was 15 and haven't ever stopped. I have always enjoyed studying and learning about the craft and artistry. My wife has told me that I do it because I get paid to entertain people while I work. My wife Dani and have been blessed with three children and are hoping for at least one more. Our first two came to us the traditional biological way and the third was a shared miracle by our birth mom. We want at least one more birth mom in our lives to share our joy. I am a student. I study the word of God. I study photography. I received a bachelors in Economics and I am working on a Masters in Professional Counseling. I love to learn and I realize there is more to learn then I possibly have time for! I am a small business owner with roughly 10 employees. I love the freedom of being my own boss however being someone else's boss and worrying about each of their needs can be really difficult. I love my team and grateful for their talents as photographers and individuals. I am a child of God and a joint heir with Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 15 almost 16 I had a friend really challenge my faith. I went to my mom who was a convert to the church and asked her how I should answer the challenges that I faced. My mother did the wisest thing for me. She handed me the scriptures and told me to find out for my self. This answer was discouraging and lacked the quickness I wanted. It did cause me to go to God with the hard answers. I believed in the writings of James and that I could ask God and he would answer. So I knelt in prayer and asked a lot of questions. My answers didn't come that day or in a voice from the heavens like it seems comes to many in the scriptures. But slowly the answers came and I saw small miracles happen such as being able to recall scripture passages I had read the night before with accuracy I didn't normally have. In recalling those scripture passages when witnessing to a friend I felt the calm peaceful feelings of the Spirit whisper to my heart and mind that they were true. Over time my faith grew as I continued to trust God and read his word. I love the teachings of the prophets and the examples we are taught in the scriptures. I am Mormon because I made a conscious choice to be one after having the Spirit speak to my heart. After reading the good word I knew the Lord used prophets in ancient times and I knew in my heart God used them in modern times. I am Mormon because I can not think of a greater relationship in life then that of a husband and father. I know of no other faith that teaches that the marriage covenant is eternal. I have attended over 500 weddings and I can not recall any other faith then Mormons teaching of marriage being eternal relationship. In the Temples of God this eternal goal is possible. I am Mormon because of Jesus Christ. I believe that through his mercy and grace I will be saved. I am practicing daily to live his teachings and do as He would have me do. He died on the cross and suffered in the garden for me personally. I love Him for it!

How I live my faith

Currently I teach the 14-15 year old young men. We have Sunday school and Wednesday evening activities. We also go mountain biking on the weekends, camping, hiking, and other random fun activities. The boys always provide good laughs and keep me in good physical shape so they don't show me up. I love sharing my faith with the boys and I hope they look to God to choose the paths that he would have them go in their lives. I was their age when I started on the road of personal choice in my faith. I hope they find my same joy in their personal journey. I am also assigned 3 families to visit each month. I think they do more to teach me then I do for them. I love hearing their life experiences. I am always amazed by others journeys through life. Whether it's a single mother with two kids or a loving husband and wife who have 6 kids almost all out of the house on their own, I always leave thankful that they are my friends in the church. With not enough space here to share I also give some of my time to help people who struggle with unwanted sexual activities. I went back to school and am currently working on a Masters in Professional Counseling to best help those who struggle. My main goal has been to keep marriages in tact by offering hope through the atonement of Christ. He can heal all wounds even if we mortals don't know how how to help. I am trying to learn how to help and I love learning more about the atonement of our Lord.