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Hi I'm Cheryl

I was born in Wash, D.C. and joined the church in N. Va. I'm a wife, a mother & a licensed professional counselor. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am married and a mother of four children, two boys and two girls. I've always had a deep love for music and design. While growing up I played the violin, where my love for music was nurtured, and later went to school for interior design. I love to hear beautiful music and enjoy today many kinds of music, ranging from classical to hip hop to religious music. I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as their music is soul stirring. In my youth, I used to also decorate my room, every which way, and knew I wanted to do interior design work at a young age. I attended BYU, where I met my husband and received a degree. I also have a deep love to connect with people, all kinds, who are different and similar to me, so I continued my education to be a counselor. I enjoy helping people through the crossroads of their lives.

Why I am a Mormon

I won a beauty contest when a teenager, and one of the girls in the pageant was a Mormon. I knew there was something unique about her, so, I was curious to learn more about her religion. I thought Mormons, were like the Amish, that they wore long black dresses and no make up. But, I soon learned other wise, as she invited me to take some discussions to learn more about the church. I wasn't prepared for the way I was going to feel, when I began to listen and learn, which I agreed to learn for educational purposes. I still remember the feeling I had come over me, and where I was, when I was reading the Book of Mormon and knew without a doubt it was true and that it couldn't have been written by a man without help from God. I remembered, it was then that I first thought, I'm going to be a Mormon, surprising myself, as I had not yet considered it. And, of course it came true. I was l8 at the time, and my world suddenly made a big shift. My family did not fully understand at that time, how much it meant to me, but have grown to have a deep respect because of how much it changed my life and my children to follow. When I made the decision to be baptized and join the Mormon Church, it felt right, deep inside and has been my anchor throughout my life. I look at that day, when I was baptized, as one of the most profound memories of my life, a pivotal decision that would influence my future at a threshold of youth. It set the course for the direction my life would take. Words cannot convey the joy, of having the gospel in my life, and knowing what I have come to know over and again, countless times, that it is true. I have, read and studied and prayed and had multitudes of experiences that have sunk deep into my heart, that it is the Savior's Restored Church on the earth. And, to know this, and feel this..... I could not be more grateful.

How I live my faith

One of the great founding principles of most all religions, is the precept of service. Service is from God, and it is one of the purposes of why we are here on this earth, to serve each other. My life has been touched many times through service on behalf of others and also receiving service myself. I've been grateful to learn the importance of service, and learning to look outside of my own needs. Currently I serve in a women's organization, working with other women, overseeing any special needs the women in our area might have. It is one way I can live my faith. I also think it is important to continue to learn from the scriptures, as it teaches us how to pattern our lives after the Savior. I feel closest to the Savior, when I can live my faith, as he taught, that is to learn how to love others more fully. I believe it is important to strive to understand others journeys with compassion, to accept others who may be different than myself without judgement, and to practice tolerance and kindness. The closer I can come to these attributes, the closer I feel to my Savior. I also believe, that living my faith, includes, continuing to feed and nurture my faith, through study of the scriptures, attending church regularly, attending the temple,and inviting more "light" into my life, so that I have greater spiritual power and capacity to live my faith.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is hard to put into words, since you are talking about spiritual feelings, which I find difficult to express. But to me, a testimony, is, a deep feeling that resonates without your soul, and comes with a feeling affirming, that what you are hearing or learning is indeed true. It's kind of like describing what salt tastes like. Feeling spiritual feelings, is similar. But, for me, it is the affirmation, inside, that can swell within yourself, letting you know that something is from God. I have had the feeling when I have read the Book of Mormon, knowing that it is absolutely true. I have also had the feeling at times, when I have read or heard something and it is a convicing feeling in your heart, not coming from one's own personal wants or desires, but just that something is true. Show more Show less