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Hi I'm Josh

At home, I am a husband and a father. Professionally, I'm a lawyer and a soldier. At the root of it all, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father who is lucky to be able to provide for my wife and my newborn daughter during these hard times through my service in the Army. I am a recent graduate of law school and a licensed attorney. My daughter was born just a few months ago, and luckily my wife is able to stay at home with her while I go to work. My family is the most important aspect of my life, and my fundamental beliefs as a Mormon coincide with this philosophy. I enjoy the outdoors, and everyone who knows me knows I love fishing. I grew up in the mountains (at least sort of... I was raised in the Snake River Valley in Southeast Idaho) where scouting and camping were a big part of my upbringing. I also enjoy travel both throughout the states and overseas. I have spent four years of my life in foreign countries and I love the experiences I gained overseas. For two of those years I lived in Samoa, which is truly a heaven on earth. I have a strong love for the Samoan people and their culture, and I try hard to maintain my ties to it. I value education and I recognize my good fortune of getting through both undergraduate and professional school. I like to learn, although at times it is difficult, and I am grateful for the educational opportunities I have enjoyed. Although my career is still developing, regardless of the direction it takes me, I know I have been blessed tremendously to have a strong basis upon which I can support my family.

Why I am a Mormon

I live my life as a Mormon because I have experienced the happiness which comes through abiding by the principles of truth provided by the Church. Simply put, I have tested the waters of Mormonism and I have been rewarded with the refreshing comforts of Christ's gospel at it's fullest capacities. I have learned through my life struggles that there is only one avenue to true happiness. I understand that life is full of difficulties, each individual having his or her unique trials. Through my own unique trials I have grown closer to my Savior by holding fast to the teachings of Mormonism. When I was young, my mother passed away and my father soon thereafter began a long stage of severe, chronic illness that would ultimately take his life two decades later. The combination of these significant trials were at times more than I thought I could bear, but the gospel principles of the Mormon Church helped me to endure. Specifically, I have held tight to the promise that my family can be restored after this life to live together for eternity with each of us being blessed to overcome every mortal infirmity which we bore here on earth. My testimony of these and every other principle of the gospel, nonetheless, are constant works-in-progress. Although at times I have stumbled in my progression towards growing to become like my Savior, I have repeatedly felt the patient, forgiving guidance granted. Unfortunately, I have been hard-headed at times, and I have had to struggle for redemption from self-imposed trials. For example, a handful of years ago I was not living in the manner I had grown to know I should be. Not until I lay in a hospital bed realizing the pain I had brought upon myself and, more importantly, my family did I fully reopen my heart to the truth I had previously recognized and accepted: obedience to the commandments taught in the LDS Church will bring happiness both in this life and the life to come.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by consciously striving daily to grow to become more like my Savior. This begins and ends with gaining a knowledge of who my Savior is. Accordingly, I study the scriptures to learn more about Him, but I believe the only true way to understand who He is is to attempt to live as he did. In doing so, I hope to gain the same type of love He has for each one of us. I firmly believe in the teaching that faith without works is dead, so I strive to employ myself in the service of others. By doing so, I expend my time and resources based on my belief that I will be blessed by doing so because when I am serving others I am serving the Lord as well. The most important, although rather broad, way I live my faith is by constantly working to maintain my focus on Heavenly Father's plan. I have learned that when I endeavor towards obtaining my life goals that if I focus on the will of the Lord, everything else loses its meaning. This helps me to overcome the human frailty of discouragement by replacing it with hope despite whatever setbacks I encounter.