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Hi I'm Jacque Gurney

I'm a Holistic Healthcare Educator, an Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Organic Gardener, a Mom, a Grandma, a Wife and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love life! I love this amazing world with all of its beautiful dimensions, lands, oceans, mountains, rocks, plants and animals! I love hiking and exploring the world, travelling and experiencing new cultures, tasting different cuisines (as long as there aren't worms or bugs involved), scuba diving, swimming, boating, quad riding in the desert (the sand dunes are a little scary to me after a rollover accident), camping and everything that is outdoors - especially if it is with my husband, kids or grandchildren. And if we can't be outdoors, then I love when all the family is together (usually Sunday afternoons) and we eat, play games (I'm a card gamer to the max), or when we just talk and laugh together. Also I love to sew, to garden, to play piano, organ, guitar, etc, - and love to teach piano! I love helping people with their health, emotionally, spiritually and physically, and I work as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. I love all that God has gifted us from the earth to help us have healthy, happy and abundant lives - and I work to help others find the plants, foods, minerals, herbs and even essential oils that will bring balance vs stress to their lives. My joy is in seeing others heal - nutritionally, spiritually and emotionally.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family who is from LDS pioneer heritage. My great-grandparents joined the Mormon Church and came from different European countries to the United States; then found their way to Utah, to Arizona, and to Mexico. Over the years as I understood of all that had been suffered and sacrificed for me to have the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ by my forefathers, I chose to study daily from the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and to study other religions so that I could have a wide understanding of spiritual things. As I have prayed, as I have repented, as I have served others, and as I have endured the trials of my life, bits of truth have come to my understanding. Sometimes truth comes as a "remembering" - like "I always knew that!" (it must have been known before my mortal life). Other times it comes as a warm glowing through my entire body and has at times felt like warm honey pouring over and through me. At times answers to my questions and my prayers come as a "whisper" to my heart - where I know the answer. Most of the time answers come when I am reading the Book of Mormon, or the New Testament, or the Pearl of Great Price. I might be reading something totally unrelated, and yet because I am "there" and "connected to spiritual things", I receive answers that I have been seeking. Sometimes answers (knowings) of things come that I didn't even ask for! It is miraculous! It is amazing! I learn that I am so much more than who I am known on the world to be. As a daughter of a God (my Heavenly Father is the father of my spirit), my potential is beyond what I can imagine me being! Knowing my own worth has given me the great blessing of seeing ALL MEN on the earth as God's children - doing the best that they can do - with the information and experiences that they have been given. He loves us all! We are all in this mortal life together! We need one another! We must learn to love, forgive and help one another!

How I live my faith

Some of the greatest experiences that I have had in my life have come through my "service". First, as a mother and wife I serve in my home. We have experienced many miracles in our family as we have faced trials, as we have paid tithing, as we have paid fast offerings to help the poor, and as we have donated to help people needing education in situation of low opportunity. Our family has traveled to Mexico, to Bolivia and to Peru on humanitarian missions that were life-changing, miraculous and faith promoting. One of the great things that church members experience is to be "called to serve" in different capacities. Many of the assignments that I have served in have required great amounts of time and sacrifice from our family. Most of my married life has been spent working with teenage girls (Young Women) and I have seen many young women go through difficult experiences, learn about repentance and forgiveness, and choose to make wonderful lives for themselves and their future families. It's an amazing and beautiful experience! I also love the Relief Society (which is the worldwide women's organization) that cares for families, the community, and the church. I learned so much as a young mother from other women in Relief Society, and now it is my season to share the lessons of life and of the gospel with those younger than me. Some of my best friends in life have come through assignments in "Visiting Teaching", where me and a partner (another woman) visit assigned women each month, to check on their well-being, their homes, and their needs. We leave a spiritual message, and provide sincere friendship to one another. Every individual is important - even those who do not attend regularly or at all. I'm so grateful for a PERFECT PLAN from our Father in Heaven!