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Hi I'm Amy Estes

I am an east coast girl living in the wild west (Scottsdale, Arizona) and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Connecticut and aquired a great love for the arts. It first started with art lessons from my grandmother. I majored in visual arts in college and am now majoring in art history. My dream was to work in a large Museum and that is exactly what I am doing. I have been married to my college sweetheart for almost 16 years. We have a 10 year old daughter who is following in my footsteps and has already given tours at my Museum! It is hard sometimes to be a working mom. I look back at when I did not work and all the quality time that I got to spend with my daughter. So, when I am not working my focus is all on her. She is my only child, and I don't want to miss out on any part of her life. I have asked her if she would like me to quit my job and she says that she loves that I work at the Museum. She makes me so proud! I know raising her in the church was the best decision my husband and I could have made. We were inactive when we got out of college and up to the time we had our daughter. We knew once we had her that we needed to make a life change. The first thing that popped into my mind is that I needed to go back to church. It was hard at first, but I kept looking at the strong youth, particularly the young woman, and knew if she could grow up like them I would be happy. It took a little longer for my husband to come back, but he slowly did and I am thankful for his desision every day. I can not ever think of not being part of the LDS church again.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I want to be. I grew up in the church on my parents testimony and left the church for awhile. But, when I starting going back to the church it was because I wanted to. I knew I could not continue the life I was leading. My life felt empty and unfulfilled even though my husband and I had great careers, lived in a nice neighborhood, and had a lovely house. I kept looking for something to make me feel whole, and it was not until I started to read the Book of Mormon again and started to go back to church that I was like "oh ya, I was missing this!" My husband and I took baby steps to come back to church. At first we just started to go to sacrament, then sunday school and then even Relief Society. We stared to love our ward family and going to church was a wonderful spiritual energizer every week. It took us 8 years to decide to go through the temple and be sealed for time and eternity. I will rememeber every detail of that day! It was the hardest time in our financial career and everything was stacking against us to bring us down, but we stuck to it and went as a family. To be married civily with a "till death do us part" ceremony and then to have a forever marrage in the temple is a world of difference. I did not know how different our family dynamics would be after we went through the temple. We have truley felt the blessing of a temple marriage. I did not think I could love my husband anymore than I did before going to the temple, but now knowing that I will be with him forever, I feel such a deeper love for him. I feel so blessed that I got a second chance to live an LDS life and I feel so free and happy because of the church!

How I live my faith

When I came back to the church I started to teach in the primary, the 11 year olds. I loved this calling. I am an introverted person and it was perfect for me bacause I could "hide out" with the kids. I also loved it because the lessons were simple. Because I had lost so much time and knowledge about the religeion, this was a great refresher course and I gained grew my testimony back by teaching the youth. It was a funny thing that as soon as I cycled through all the lesson manuals, I was released from my calling. I was so sad; I had taught the youth for 6 years. Fortunately, I got another calling teaching the young women in the ward. This was icing on the cake! I am so impressed by the faith of these young girls. With all the adversities against them that they can stand tall, strong and courageous in their faith, event when it is not easy or cool. I used to watch them interact with each other and their families when I was first coming back to church and would hope that my daughter would be like them when she was a teenager. They are such amazing examples to the younger kids in church and out at thier schools. The neat thing is that I am starting to come full circle and teach the girls that I used to teach in my primary days teaching the 11 year olds. It is so wonderful to see how beautiful and virtuous the girls have become. Every Sunday I teach them, it confirms the decision I made 10 years ago to raise my daughter in the LDS church.