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Hi I'm Joseph

I'm a Mormon. I'm married, a home owner, and I work as a mental health therapist. I try hard to accept everyone and their beliefs.

About Me

I am 31 years old. My father being a retired Navy Chief, I grew up in a Naval Town. I was the youngest of 8 children, and yes I got both picked on and spoiled. I served a mission in NJ where I learned to speak Spanish, when I got home I went to BYU for three years until I got kicked out for breaking the honor code. I repented on my misdeeds and transfered to the University of Utah to finish my degree. I then returend to my home state and got a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from EWU. I then started my career and started another Master's degree in religious Studies from Gonzaga. When I turned 30 I ran a marathon with my wife. Well, we both ran it, with is subjective. I am still working full time and I've been going to school continually for the past 11 years. It was my life goal to become a Chaplin in the Navy. I was three classes away from completing my M.A. in Religious Studies from Gonzaga University. When I found out that I would not be able to become a chaplain due to requirement changes. So, ever moving forward, I am now attemping to become a Physician Assistant. I still plan on joining the military.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of a the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because I believe in the literal existence of Jesus Christ and I believe that he established a specific institution and set of guidelines he asks every human to follow. He is the ultimate judge but he has established an earthly organization to help his work of unifying all of mankind, within family units, back to Adam and Eve. I have felt the conviction of the spirit many times telling me these things are true. It is only within the Church and through prayer that I have found answers to ALL my questions. I'm the same as you, but, I have chosen to try a live my life according to the commandments and culture of the LDS church. Why? First because God's law is real and he does not turn a blind eye on sin. Second, the LDS culture creates, as Paul said in the bible "a peculiar people," in order to set us apart and make us as a people more noticeable and show our religious conviction. We are noticeably different from others but the biggest difference is the light of Christ within us and our bright hope for eternity. We try to distance ourselves from anything that can distract us from our relationship with God.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in everything I do. I try to be the best employee and student I can be. I try to be a good friend and help others in need. I give 10% if my income to my church because I have see the good that they do with it. I personally volunteer my time and energy to strangers because I have felt the glow of Jesus in my heart when I follow his example. I teach in my congregation and discuss religion with anyone who has questions. While working toward my Religious Studies Master's degree from Gonzaga, I learned that most Theologians define Faith as "what one does to fulfill their inner most convictions." Most Mormons define "Faith" merely as what they believe. I belief in the literal existence of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. I believe God is a real being. I believe that sin is a law of Nature as real and powerful as gravity. I believe this world is part of a great plan designed by God in order to test, try, proving, and refining his children (us). Sin may not have an immediate and equal reaction hear on this earth, but the effects of sin are unavoidable. Some of the effects of sin we can see here on earth, others we will only see in the afterlife. Regardless of where or when we experience the pain, sorrow, and regret of sin it is non the less real. It is because of these beliefs that I chose to try and live by the teachings and precepts of Jesus Christ and follow the direction of his modern day prophets. I don't drink alcohol and coffee (ever!). Perhaps I don't fit in as well with my friends who do. But there is a danger with alcohol which no one even tries to pretend doesn't exist. So, why shouldn't I avoid it completely? As for coffee, I do it because it shows my commitment to avoid substances that I Might become dependent on. Most of all I want to my Heavenly Father to be pleased with my life. I repent when I do wrong and I have a bright hope through Christ that he will one day say, "well done though good and faithful servant."