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Hi I'm Lance

I am a father of 9 children, my wife has 10 when she counts me, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a little town that had only a country store, an old white church, no bank, a broken down gas station, a baseball field next to the fire station. It was 22 acres, with horses that ran wild from time to time. My brothers and I would often have to round up the horses. When we got older we used the motorcycles to round them up which was much more exciting. There were cows, chicken and many other critters, anything we could catch or find. I had a pet Magpie and a pet skunk growing up. I have since moved far away from my childhood but now live in a little town with a country store and run down gas station with a little white church, no bank and a small baseball field next to the fire station. I have landscaped for over thirty years which has helped me provide for my family. My wife runs the home and helps me with anything that is needful. I have Han glided, bare foot water skied, snow skied, snow boarded, Moto-crossed, played football, scuba dived, created numerous art projects for gifts and found very little time to take a nap. My education is people. I love to watch and learn from people of all walks of life. I only wish I had more time to live in and understand all these walks of life.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up as a red headed freckled kid and moving often created few friends and a bit of insecurities. I was befriended by those who lead to a road of pleasure, seeking thrills, that would bring a rush or attention from a crowd. My family moved again, far from my friends, which was a great blessing for me. My life took a change as I became friends to one who was lacking any religious back ground. We spent many long nights together discussing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I found myself frustrated, knowing that if my friend had the gospel he would live it and yet I had it and was not. I also knew that I was key to my friend’s conversion. I could not deny this and I spent many nights crying myself to sleep with this knowledge. I knew if I did not change, the chance of my friend changing would in all likelihood not happen. I felt an urgency to turn my life around and found a confidence in Christ that was greater than I had ever known. I served a mission for the church, got married had children and continued reaching out to my friend. He threw away every book of Mormon I gave him. I finally gave him my leather bound book of Mormon from my mission. I asked him to just set it by his bed. I asked him to read it only if the spirit directed him to do so. Ten years came and went as I continued reaching out to my friend and one day I was awakened early in the morning by a knock on the door. It was my friend who said he had been up all night reading the book of Mormon and wanted to be baptized. There is no greater joy than turning your life around and helping others do the same by sharing the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then to now I have enjoyed sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen. I feel blessed to have been rescued so many times by my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, that I am willing to live for him sharing the truths I have been taught. I owe my life to Christ.

How I live my faith

Since I embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ, or better said it embraced me. I have met with youth and adults, seeking to be of assistance in providing truth and light. Through that association I have been blessed far more than any of those I have sought to help. Currently I have the opportunity to meet with all age groups which has enriched my life substantially. Offering assistance to those in need, whether spiritually or temporally it is the same. When you see those who grow from such assistance, there is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that gives you even greater desires to help and assist. Some of the greatest joys have come from watching youth grow up and raise families of there own and begin to understand the challenges that come with rearing children. How the gospel becomes so much more important. How much more the Savior of all mankind is needed and sought after. Being there for them, encouraging and supporting adds wonderful experiences to ones own life.

What is the difference between attending church and the temple?

Attending church provides the opportunity to partake of the Sacrament and renew our convents regarding our relationship with Christ. This is a sacred ordinance that provides blessings when striving to live a Christ like life. The temple provides the opportunity to partake of more covenants, receiving additional blessings to live more Christ like. Show more Show less