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Hi I'm Sarah

I'm Sarah. I love to see the world--across the globe, in my neighbors face, in my own backyard. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, but since I left, I almost haven't stopped moving. I studied Russian in college and spent some time teaching English at a kindergarten in Moscow. That chance to experience and explore a new environment really gave me a hunger for more. Later, I married my best friend, then I chose to be a Mom. Every day I have plenty of chances to enjoy spending time with and teaching my kids. Sometimes our everyday adventure brings out our best, sometimes less, but whenever I can find a clever way to streamline, organize, or work smarter, I feel like a superstar. Even though life with a large family is complicated, I wouldn't have it any other way. My favorite thing to do: Take time away with my family. When we're all happy building a driftwood fort, laughing as we use big leaves to keep our heads dry on a rainy hike, or coaxing a kite into the sky, I can imagine what heaven is like. One of my sweetest self-imposed duties is to take pictures of my family. Then, when we forget for a moment what it's all about, we can look at the pictures and remember. To relax, I love to read, swim laps, or spend time talking with a good friend. Every now and then, I take the time to bake something sweet and then take a little extra time to make it look too good to eat. Music is a must for me. I am inspired by great art and when I take the time to make something beautiful, life feels wonderful to me.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I'm still a Mormon because I really believe what Jesus taught. I know His Church here on earth helps us to live as He did. As I write this, the Gospel is a solid thing to me: Something so real I can almost touch it, not just words on a page, not just stories about people long dead. Jesus Christ did live, He is the Son of God, and what He accomplished defies my understanding, but the Atonement is real. I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet. Through him, the knowledge and power we each need to return to God and reach our true potential was restored to the earth. I know my Father in Heaven cares for me and my family. I can communicate with Him, and have been blessed with answers to my prayers. I have been guided and comforted and warned by the Holy Ghost of things I couldn’t have known by myself. I know there is a plan to life, a reason that we are here. As I’ve grown and lived and tried this knowledge out, I find it makes sense: No wonder life is so hard and beautiful and confusing. I am here to prove myself--to have difficult and marvelous and baffling experiences which help me learn and improve. We get to choose how to live. I rejoice that I was born now, at a time when there is a living prophet to guide me and it is possible for a woman to do so much good. I know that I am a beloved daughter of my Father in Heaven. He loved me so much that He made a way for me to return to Him, even though I am human and make mistakes. I know that what I do matters. Living the Gospel brings me blessings everyday. I know that my actions now will have an impact on what will come after this short life. As I choose to serve others, to follow His commandments, and keep the covenants I have made at baptism and in the temple, I will be with Him again, and with my beloved family. I am blessed every day with enough, and often more than I can even receive. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and when I live it, I am happy.

How I live my faith

My faith really is the reason I do anything; it motivates me with the desire to enjoy where I am now, learn from my past mistakes, and prepare for the future. I am inspired and gain much-needed perspective as I study the scriptures and words of the living prophet. When I am consistent in my everyday worship and study, I can feel the positive difference this makes in my life. If I make a mistake, I find peace when I try to make it right and repent of any wrong I've done. Right now, I'm a stay at home mom and my family is the center of my life, so most of what I do to live my faith, I do at home with my family. I consider it my greatest privilege and sweetest obligation to be with my children as they grow up. Every moment I spend with my family helps build a relationship that I believe can last forever. As a family, we make it a priority to read from the Book of Mormon or the Bible each day. We take the time to pray together as a family, and I rely heavily on the comfort and insight I receive as I pray to communicate personally with my Father in Heaven. My husband and I feel strongly that when we are united as a couple and really try to understand how God wants us to live and guide our family, we are more successful as parents. I also make time to live my faith by looking around for something that needs to be done and doing it. Jesus Christ taught us to love one another. I don't think it's possible to follow His example without looking out for each other. I love the knowledge that we are all brothers and sisters, and that makes it easier to reach out. Even though I am naturally a bit shy, I consider it my duty to help where I can, and I try to be open to inspiration so I can be the Lord's hands and heart on earth. I have tried to pass this understanding on to my children. As a family, we have made a commitment to do what we can to help our neighbors, friends, even strangers across the globe.