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Hi I'm Adam

I'm an English Professor. I'm a Democrat. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have lived in South Florida for the past four years with my wife, four talented and headstrong kids, a dog named Iowa, and three cats. Our kids love to play baseball and football, and especially enjoy swimming and the beach. We are one of those crazy families that you always find running from one activity to the next -- truth be told, sometimes it is a bit overwhelming -- but the joy, when it comes, is sweeter than sugar. I have a PhD in American literature and when I'm not teaching and researching I love to read, think about history and culture, play music, hunt, fish, and camp. I'm especially intrigued by the materials people have historically used to shape and bring understanding to their lives -- books, heirlooms, personal tokens, etc. I'm grateful to have a job in a difficult economic time, and while there is much to appreciate about South Florida, I do find myself frequently wishing I was fishing with my boys on some beautiful Western river, or sleeping out under the stars in a desert canyon far from the urban jungle that is currently my home.

Why I am a Mormon

Logic can't explain the innumerable times that I have felt a sense of the existence of something greater than myself, that feeling that someone who loves me is watching over me, knows intimately what is happening in my life, and wants the best for me. Many, many times, this feeling has come to me while reading the Book of Mormon. This has led me to believe that this book, like the Bible, is the word of God, and reading it brings not only a sense of peace, but a sense of love. I'm a Mormon because I cannot deny the power of this book.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through loving and serving my fellow man. The Lord set the example here, and while I will never live that example sufficiently, I pray I'll never stop trying. God is no respecter of persons -- he loves everyone equally, and the differences that frequently separate us as a culture and society (race, gender, ethnic background, social class, sexual orientation, etc.) melt away in the light of that love. I believe Christ found great joy in loving the people around him, regardless of whether or not they embraced his message. I want to emulate that and share in that joy to whatever extent I can. I do this by serving my neighbors (helping them in those usually small but sometimes larger neighborly ways we have all experienced), sharing my substance with the poor (whether this is filling someone's gas tank or providing toys, clothes, or a used tv set when occasion permits), and by trying to make sure that those who come into contact with me find a warm and open heart waiting for them. In short, I hope to live my life in such a way that those who come into contact with me leave that experience feeling like their own burdens have been lightened, if only a little, for having had the experience. I'm sure I fail at this all the time (just ask my kids), but it is my goal...it is the core of who I am, and it is the expression of my faith in the truthfulness of what Christ taught.