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Hi I'm Paul McCarty

I was Born & raised on the Oregon Coast, I served 2 yrs in the Roanoke Virginia Mission. I have a wonderful Family, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I Loved growing up on the Oregon Cost. I think it is the best place on earth. My High School was also awesome!!!!!!! I grow up in a wonderful family, my brothers and sisters were all a wonderful example to me. My brothers truly showed me the right path to fallow, they are awesome. The Biggest learning experiences of my life were in the 2 yrs. I got to spend in Virginia teaching the people about Christ and his church. I grow to love the people of VA so much, I can not put it into words. I learned to talk to people and to not be afraid to do the Lords work. This helped me in my future career as a Outside Salesman. I have been a top salesman in every company I have worked for and it is because I know how to talk to people. I am not afraid to work hard or to look someone in the eye and tell them the truth about my products (that is why I have always worked for a company that is the best). Now for the most important thing that I have is my Family!!!!! I have a lovely wife and 6 unbelievable wonderful children. The 2 oldest are married and the next to are in College, while the twins at the end are in High School. I just got to go on a band trip with the twins and that was so much fun. The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints has been huge in my life, I would not be where I am today with out it. It set standers in my life, it gave me faith in myself and those around me. If I didn't have the LDS friends I had in as a young man, I would not be the man I am today.

Why I am a Mormon

Why I'm I a Mormon, that is a great question! I am a Mormon because I had great parents. Both of my parents were not born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. My Dad joined at around 19 when some good LDS kids befriended him. Later when my Dad meet my Mom she was a Lutheran, they when to my Mothers church and when they came out Dad looked at my Mom and said if where going to go to church we are going to my church, and so they did. My Mom was later baptized into the church and my parents have raised all 7 of there children in the Church. Now that is just the start of how I was born into the church not why I am a member now. See just being born into a church make you a member. At age 8 I chose to be baptized myself into this church. I believed the church was true then but I was not fully converted. See that come with time and needs. As a youth I remember story's of men and women who had wonderful things happen to them that showed them the church was the church of God. I so much wanted one of those myself, but I learned the you do not need a light to come down from heaven to convert you to a church you need a little bit here and a little bit there until you heart says to you this is true!!! So do get the big bang thing but some of use just have the Holy Ghost whisper to our heart that it is true. That is how I learn this wonderful truth. I do have to say though I did have one thing happen on my Mission that has set it into stone that God Lives and Jesus is the Christ, I felt the spirit so strong that it felt as though my Father in Heaven was there with his arms around me. I will never forget that moment in life. Back to the question why I'm I a Mormon, because that is who my Heavenly Father wants me to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How I live my faith

That is a great question "How I Live My Faith" I would like to put it is different words. How could I live any other way. I was 1 of about 450 students who graduated from my High School, I was a football player a wrestler, I hung out with all the cool kids, but I was the only one who did't drink beer or do the wrong stuff on dates. The funny think is me and my LDS friends and I would go out and have a ton of fun on the week ends with out drinking at all or doing the wrong stuff. In fact I had talked some of my friends into not drinking one Saturday night we went out and toilet papers some house and had a great time. On Monday one of the guys came up to me and said that was so cool I had a great time and I could even remember what I did. I have worked hard all my life to live my Faith. Yes just like anyone else I have had some problems come up that I had to feel really bad about (I would have to go a fare as to say I had a broken heart) and I needed to repent and change my life back to what is right. No one is perfect and we all make mistake but the neat thing is the Heavenly Father Loves us very much and he will forgive and bring us back to him. Be a Mormon is actually very rewarding. I have had many opportunity's to work with the young men of the church and impact then for good, to teach them how to make the right chooses and to grow into the men they are need to be. I have taught Sunday School classes for the young and the old. I have helped in work projects, I have help people move in and out of our area. There are always things to do to help in the church. Serving others is how I live my faith and I am truly happy that I can. I live my faith by Loving my Brothers and Sisters in the gospel and we all work to gather that we may one day live together in our Heavenly Father Kingdom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!