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Hi I'm Niki

I'm a mother of three (plus a giant Dane/mastiff dog). I'm a hair and makeup chameleon. I aspire to be an author. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in raised in Prescott, AZ, a mere 30 min drive from where I currently reside. I'm a hair and makeup chameleon, changing colors and styles regularly. In sixth grade my best friend and I began writing fanfictions back and forth to each other in notebooks during class. Becoming a writer has been a goal of mine and one that I hope to achieve soon. I met my husband, Dustin, six years ago at our local singles ward. He claims he knew from the moment he saw me that he was going to marry me. It took me a little bit longer to get the message. I'd been praying about marriage (I was dating a different Dusty at the time) and knew that Dustin was right for me. Just didn't know I had the wrong Dustin. Our son came along shortly after, but not without complications. He was born five weeks early at 3lbs 3oz. No one knows why he was so small, and he spent the first two weeks of his life in the NICU. We were blessed he was healthy, no major problems besides a feeding tube, and now 5 years old. After two miscarriages we had a girl who is now 2 years old and healthy as ever and after two more miscarriages we have another beautiful healthy girl who is now 1. While helping my husband with his new landscaping business, acting as teacher for my kids stay at home preschool, working an early morning paper route and being a stay at home mom, I manage to find time for video games (Zelda is my fave) and writing. One day I will be an author.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a member of the church. My parents were fairly active and so I followed them, attending church regularly, getting baptized at eight, going to my outside of church activities and so on. When I was fourteen we moved to Chino Valley, AZ. Church became more difficult for me there. In Prescott I'd had mostly member friends, not all, but mostly. In Chino, the LDS kids seemed to dislike me. So did the leaders. I grew to detest going to church and activities. No one seemed to like me. Slowly I began to fall away, the leaders had pushed me out of young women's but I couldn't go to the singles ward, I didn't have any LDS friends, or other girls my age. I felt alone and as a result would ask to be scheduled at work during church or find other excuses for not going. Mom asked me one day, "Why do you go to church?" I didn't really have a good answer for her. One of my LDS friends in Prescott had been bugging me to go to the singles ward with her, but I was pushing it off. I didn't want to go. She handed me the car keys on a Sunday and said, "You don't go to church for the people. You go to church to learn and grow and renew your covenants each Sunday." I went that Sunday with my friend. Turns out I missed learning. I missed growing. Life had seemed to hard when I'd decided I didn't want to and what had seemed hard before became easier the more I went. I took on callings and enjoyed them. I still didn't make a lot of friends, but it didn't matter. I learned who I was, and what I wanted. My husband was a gospel doctrine teacher when I met him. If I hadn't come back, I would have missed him. Now I attend church every Sunday, teach valiant 10, have family home evening with my kids and read the scriptures regularly. I now know that the church is true. That Christ lived on the earth, that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and the President Monson is the Prophet on the earth today. All because my mom asked, "Why do you go to church?"

How I live my faith

Each Sunday I teach a rowdy group of 10 year olds which out number me, twelve to one. They are probably one of the most amazing classes I've had the opportunity to teach. My son loves to go home teaching with his father which brings about conversations about the book of Mormon and the bible. We love reading bible stories and Book of Mormon stories for preschool. Last November I started an LDS writers group with a friend and LDS author. It's been slow going, but growing. Many of my current friends I've met through visiting teaching. I've directed music in the church, taught in nursery and been a teacher for the 13 year olds. My favorite calling is mother. Every day we get to pray as a family, read scriptures, talk about church and answer the many questions the kids have about the gospel. Recently my son began showing an interest in bearing his testimony on fast sundays and commented that "Jesus doesn't clean his house very well" when his pants became dirty one Sunday. Each day is a new conversation about Christ and the church. Being a stay at home mom is how I live my faith.