What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Austin

I grew up in Loveland, Colorado. My passion is the trumpet, but I like many things including skiing, boating and technology.

About Me

I grew up with a view of the Rocky Mountains always around me. At the moment I live in Connecticut, which is a very different world than Colorado. I always enjoyed music, but I never got very serious about it until I was in the 11th grade. That year, I decided to practice my trumpet and try my luck at competition. I did pretty well and the better I got, the more I realized how much I enjoyed the instrument. I had an incredible mentor in high school who really motivated me and taught me great life lessons. Although not a Mormon, he is one of the best people I know and has unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. I now study music in college. My favorite music is classical, but I also like playing jazz and even, on occasion, some ska. I love boating, skiing and grilling. People sometimes know me simply as "the cook." I got really upset when my mom traded our gas grill for an "electric grill," but, oh well, what can you do? I love cats because they are God's gift to mankind. I am definitely not a Liberal. I also speak Spanish.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I grew up in the Church. But, that's only part of it. As I continued to grow, I continued to learn more about the world. I have always been fascinated by other cultures and other religions. But, rather than making me feel like I was missing something, this simply reaffirmed my testimony of what I was grateful for. I believe that truth is everywhere, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church with the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the authority to administer the ordinances thereof. I know this through the witness of the Holy Ghost that comes, as promised, from diligent study of and fervent prayer about the Book of Mormon.

How I live my faith

I was a missionary for the Church. Once I got home, I became a normal person who goes to school, works a job and tries to eat well. The only difference is that all of this is tethered around my knowledge of eternities and what "truly matters" in this life. I live my faith by keeping the commandments of God which, in turn, provides me with promised blessings from my loving Heavenly Father. When I sin, I strive to repent--or change--and improve myself.

In whom should we have faith?

We should have faith in God the Father and in his Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Salvation can come through no other way than through Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

Who are the Mormons?

Mormons are human beings that do not have horns, marry 20 wives or sacrifice lambs during worship service. We are relatively normal people who go about our normal lives. You probably know a few. Other than looking similar, Mormons stand out a little bit. For example, we don't drink, smoke or do drugs. We believe in looking and being healthy. We try to contribute to society in positive ways. Overall, Mormons strive to be "in the World, but not of the World." And, only members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are true Mormons, despite what the television might say. Show more Show less

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

We are completely opposed to both. Show more Show less

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Yes. Show more Show less