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Hi I'm Greg

I'm a Father of two little boys and a girl on the way. I work fulltime while going to school. I ride Motorcycles. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have a busy life and find it hard to find time for everything - but I try to enjoy everything I do. I'm a father of two boys age 3 and 4. We are having our third child soon and the Dr. says it's a girl so we are very excited. I work full time and am also going back to school to get my college degree in accounting. I love riding my motorcycle, although living in WA does make that a little difficult to do without getting wet all the time - but it's fun. Most of my free time is spent playing with my boys. They are the light of my life. We love to wrestle and they think everything I do is interesting. they love helping out in the garage and out in our new garden we started this year. After they go to bed I love video games - specifically sports games on the Xbox. Madden is the current game of choice. One thing about me is that I personally built our house along with my wife and the neighbors that we live by. It was a co-op of 9 families and we all helped each other to build the houses that we now live in. It was a very rewarding experence to work so hard for something and now have a beautiful home to show for it.

Why I am a Mormon

For the most part I grew up in the church. My family joined before I turned 8. My Mom's parents were Seventh-Day Adventist and I did go there from time to time growing up. I choose to be a Mormon though because of the feeling I got when I came to church. To me a lot of churches are very similar and even ours - they all have some distinct docternal differences but to me they are all trying to do good. When I go to church now with my family I feel that we're in the right place. We're in a place that focus on family and returing to live with our Father in Heaven again. I like the teachings and the commandments - at times they seem a little constraining - but when you recieve the blessings that come from following them, you learn why we do what we do.

How I live my faith

Primarily living my faith to me means how I'm rasing my children. I'm trying to raise them to be good, responsable citizens and I know that I as their parent have that responsibility. I use the church and the teachings to help me do that. At church I also teach the youth, 9 to 10 year olds. I find it very rewarding to help them see different ways that they can help and to learn what Christ did for us as our savior. This year we are studing the New Testiment. Talking about the Saviors life and his death has been rewarding to me. I enjoy reading the scriptures and try to do it daily. Teaching that age - it's important to be prepared for any question they might have, and I like to be able to point them in the right direction to find their answers.

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

This is a difficult question because so many people want you to either be for it or against it. I don't think it's that simple. Both my wife and I have aunts that are lesbians. We love them dearly and appreciate what they as individuals bring to our family. We also though believe that in that aspect of their life they are not doing what our Heavenly Father wants. We love the people but we can not love the sin (which is to go against the will of our Heavenly Father). I believe that marriage is between a Man and a Woman and that is how it was designed in Heaven and in our early scriptures. I do believe in Free Agency though and I will continue to love and support all of our Heavenly Fathers children. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No we do not worship Joseph Smith. He was very important in our church history. To me personally Joseph Smith was a great example of faith and the kind of questioning that everyone should go through when they are looking at what church to join. He knew he needed something and he had faith to know that the Lord would answer his prayers. Once those prayers were answered, Joseph smith had the the faith and strength to act on what he was told to do. He was a great man and a great Prophet, but he did have faults as every man does and that is why we do not worship him. We only worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

The simplist answer to me is, Partners. In a business partners bring different things to the table and they often do different things to help the business. They work together, but each have their own way to do it. To me thats how our marriage works. When we got married both my wife and I worked. But she knew that once she had children that she wanted to be able to stay home with them. I am doing everything in my power to make that happen and for now it works for us. I work full time, and often overtime, while going to school. My wife stays home with our two children and we have our third (and probably final) child on the way. She does a lot of things around the house and is trying to teach our children so they are ready for school soon. When I am home we spend our time together - we don't have a lot of outside interests because we just enjoy spending our time as a family. Sometimes we help each other out when we need it - I'll do extra chores around to help her out if it's been a rough week or she'll take a babysitting job if she wants some extra spending money - but primarily we have our own responsibilites that help to keep our family running smooth. It might seem a little old fashioned, but to us it works. We both love and respect the other for the great work that they do. And I know that without her - I would not be able to keep up with everything we want to do. Show more Show less