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Hi I'm Andi Gooch

Married to my fun loving Doug & 5 kids. L♥VE to read, Graphic Design, Broadway shows, Baseball games, Hiking, Birthday Parties!

About Me

Just celebrated my 20th anniversary, to my fun loving husband Doug & we have 5 kids from ages 4 – 18 yrs. Our kids are very busy . . . which keeps us busy, but young. I love to read (wish I had more time for it) love to spend time with my kids, craft, camp, morning walks, Broadway shows & baseball games (especially if they are for my kids or the New York Yankees) and love graphic design. I am Native American, I am a Gooch (Yes, it’s a culture of it’s own) . . . and I’m Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member my whole life, but in the last 10 years have realized how much I love the gospel! Aprox. 11 yrs. ago, we had a son born with a heart defect, single right ventricle, but in the left position. Basically, he has half a heart. Having to see your son undergo severe medical treatment in the first months of his lives, is so beyond humbling. I completely turned my heart to my Savior for help. I wanted nothing more then for him to be comforted and be healed. I knew that I was being comforted during that time. Miracles happened for him, and he survived something very serious and life threatening. I started to understood about Heavenly Father’s plan, and my own divinity and I wanted more to live righteously. I knew I needed the Lord to help me have peace, inspiration, and confidence in my life. Also, I see how more and more wicked this world is becoming, and it scares me. I see dear friends of mine loose husbands to pornography and lust of other things and I cry for them and the sad things they now are going through. I want nothing more to save my own marriage and family. The Savior has helped me forgive the past, and have hope for the future. It reminds me why I need to keep trying, even though I make a lot of dumb mistakes. Why I am Mormon, because first I know the gospel is true! Because there have been times in my life when I have been really humbled and I chose to handle my problems without the Lord in it. I seemed to make it worse. When I turned to the Lord – and through the gospel I had knowledge of how to help myself find happiness, comfort, and strength beyond my own! Problems didn't go away, but I felt strength through it. I am grateful for Temples. When you are faced with possibly loosing a loved one, you suddenly realize how important it is to be a family forever! Our son is thriving today! We still face challenges with this disability but, I have felt the hand of the Lord in our challenges - and know that he loves us.

How I live my faith

Currently I serve in the YW Presidency in our ward. I love it. I am over the Mia Maids. I love to help plan activities, teach lessons, but more then that I hope that I can help the YW in our ward come to know how much their Heavenly Father loves them by serving in my calling 110%. I love being a mom! I want my children to know how much they are loved in our home, how much Heavenly Father and the Savior loves them. I want them to have confidence to bear their testimonies. I want them to have a voice in every capacity of their life. I want them to know how to roll with the punches during hard times, be hard workers, and love to serve others. I love to serve in the Temple. I have such a great feeling when I am there. Not only do I feel love for the name/person I am going through, I feel love for the others that I am surrounded by at the temple. I get the blessings of knowledge, and power of Heavenly Father’s plan every time I am there! I love to do graphic work, and love it when I can use it in my calling. I love to share ideas on LDS sharing sites, or donate time or work to a charitable organization, or do something for a friend to help them out. I love to teach technology to those that need help. Personally for myself . . . I read my scriptures every morning, so I can feel inspiration form my Heavenly Father. I pray to him for help to be a better wife and mother, a better leader, a better friend or family member. I look for ways to serve him. I try to give 100% in my callings in church & in my home. I try to be obedient to the things that are asked of me.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Andi Gooch
Grace is a lot like compassion and forgiveness. I have been taught that at the end of the day, when you give it your all and you still come up short . . . the Lord makes up the difference. I personally don't believe this is a free pass to sin, and not try - but the Lord will have compassion on you in your efforts. He knows your abilities and your heart. That's how it will be for Heaven. But on earth during the course of your journey, If you are truly trying to serve the Lord he will take you in. I also, know that he will take you in even when you aren't trying. Thats because he loves you so much and wants you to follow him. He will send grace to you to let you know that he is still there for you even when you are not listening. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

Andi Gooch
I was adopted as well as my other siblings. However, my adopted mother became very ill. She had Lupus and suffered from many strokes. Because of this it was hard for several members to stay faithful. She died when I was about 11 yrs. old. It was hard to not have a mother during my teen years and when my children were being born. I have a deep sense to belong to something because of that loss. Now that I am a mother, I finally realized how much Heavenly Father loves me. He has shown me that I had several mothers! In my extended family, my ward family step, great friends that have helped me become the women I am today! Family helps us become loving and kind, opposite of selfish. As a family we all have to learn to work together, share and sacrifice personal selfish needs. For instance, when we don’t get along we have to forgive and be flexible & overcome pride. This helps us out with other relationships we have in this world. Families keep us connected with the past and the future. I make decisions in my life to make family in the past proud of me. I become a better person today so my kids can see my example. I want a better life for them. My greats memories of “REAL JOY” have come from the family. I am so grateful that this is Heavenly Father’s plan. I know how much I love my own children, I am sure it is the same way with Heavenly Father. Once realizing that, I could develop a closer relationship to Him. Show more Show less