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Hi I'm Keith

I'm a Mormon. I was born and raised in a family of 8 boys, my father was a carpenter and I am too.

About Me

I love my God, and His son Jesus Christ. I love my family, my wife of 41 years, my 7 children and their respective husbands or wives; and my 14 grandchildren. In my family I have 3 beautiful Down’s syndrome children and one with spinal bifida. I would do anything to make my wife and children happy. And third I love my country. I volunteered to serve 4 years in the military and I am a Viet Namn veteran. I love the simple things of life, I enjoy being in the outdoors with my wife and children. I am a small contractor, I will never have any money and will, like my father work till the day I die, and that is fine with me all I want is to pay my debts and supply for my families needs. When I hit 60 I took up my favorite pass time as a youth, my bicycle, though now a days I ride a recumbent. In the past 3 years I have rode longer and harder rides this years was the STP (200 miles in 2 days) next year I want to add one of the state passes to my list.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in a Mormon family, My father was born in a mormon family with a long history, my mother was converted shortly before my birth. they raised me to know my God and I will forever be grateful but as a youth I remember and can picture it now as a young man sitting on my couch in my parents’ home thinking that I don’t belong here anymore. It was time for me to leave and start my own life. Mind you at this time I had already started plowing my own row and not in line with my family or the church. Also with the Viet Namn war and draft going on and me with no prospects; I decided to join the military. I considered the Army and Marines but they both seemed too war like for me, the Navy was interesting but the Air force won out. What I couldn’t see in my future was that the Army, marines, and Navy did not have a base in Phoenix. And the Lord knew that when I realized that I needed the gospel to be happy I needed to be in Phoenix, because there was already in place the USO where I would meet a nonmember young lady who knew where there was a church building that reguarly held a dance, and there I would find a Priest quorum advisor that would invite me into his home and treat me like his own son; when I needed him most; and his wife who was a young womans advisor and would introduce me to a special young lady and because she knew her girls so well that she could tell me just what I had to do to impress here and finally there was Julene who insisted on an active young man that could take her to the temple to be married and who would give her a large family and that: brings me back to my children and me back sitting on my couch in my home thinking that this is just where I belong. I am a Mormon because I know that my Heavely Father and his son Jesus Christ lives and loves me and will guide my life so that I can find happines, that is his greatest desire. That I, as his son will be happy and my greatest desire as a father is that my children will also be happy.

How I live my faith

I grew up seeing my parants serve the Lord, the church, friends and neighbors in any way they could. I remember mom always making meals for someone in need sewing quilts and what ever they needed, My father would give his shirt off of his back to help someone get into a house or maintain the one they had. Helping and giving to others was what I saw everday as a youth. Little has changed today. I have to work to earn money but I enjoy giving away what talants I may have. My fist calling in the church was when I was 12 as a music leader for Priestood (mens group) on sunday later I taught in primary and Sunday school were I have taught many differant ages. I served in the Boy Scout program several times. I have served in many differant leadership positions in the church: but the greatest fun is when I just get out and give service to someone. This month our church with many other groups in the area gave service around the community. I worked with others doing landscaping around a youth services building.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

To me, my family is everything. I have struggled with the question of who do I love most? My Lord Jesus Christ or my wife and children. It bothered me for some time that I in my heart of hearts would say My wife but I felt I should say may Saviour Jesus christ after all he gave me everything including his life, his attoning sacrifice so that I may return to live with him in Heavan some day. How can I not put him first? After all he is the one who led me to Julene and insired me to marry her. So who do I love most? i have some to the conclusion that I can not love one unless I love the other and I could not love the other unless I love the one. Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

First and formost I know that my redeamer, Jesus Christ lives. That he knows me by name and is concerned about my every thought, feeling and concern. and like a true friend wants to, and will help me, with anything. We teach our children early in life that when they loose a favored toy or a dear pet to pray that Jesus will help. He can help you find what is lost or make the pain of loosing less painful. I still practice this today. I can't say the number of times that I have lost my wallet. the fear and anquise of the possible problems that this could cause my family are tremendous. prayer is how i survive I remember that after doing all I could do, then after prayer a calmness came over me than I remembered where I left it. just lately I lost it again and after a day I went back to the store where an honest person found it and turned it in. When my father and mother died a calmness told me that they were happy, together again and where they wanted to be and they will be there wainting for me. I have found that when I am doing what i know that the Lord would have me do, living the way I should that He will without invitaition speak to my mind in a small quiet voice and tell me what I should do. These occasionshave led me to being able to help other people many times, being able to help my children, fine the work that I need when i needed it. His guiding voice has even saved my life on a few occaisions. To trust and have faith in Jesus Christ is so very important to me. Show more Show less