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Hi I'm Joyzelle (Joy), - 83 years old

I'm a Mormon and been one all of my life. Being a Mormon has given me a joyful journey through life.

About Me

I remember vividly that Sunday evening in Dec.1941, listening to the radio about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I have vivid memories of faces who were killed and affected by that War. At age 12, I walked several miles to see "Wizard of Oz" and be dazzled by the first color movie. I had children and family before Television or the Internet came to be. As a family traveling, I remember stoping to rent a motel room, just to watch the first man walk on the moon. Thinking back I have seen tremendous change, and great events of history. - I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I have been a Puppeteer since I was 12 years old and have involved my, children, grandchildren-even my great grandchildren in my puppet shows. I have helped knit my family together, build their individual talents and skills through puppets and other family traditions. I have a great passion for learning and constantly find beautiful and wondrous things to learn about. One of my favorite things to do is "grandma adventures" to experience new areas, skills, or broaden our knowledge. I have also loved being involved in the activities of members of my family and youth groups. My very favorite job in the Church (which I got to do for 9 years) was being a "Den Mother" in Cub Scouting, - It let me be involved in what was important to my children and to take them on "adventures" in learning by exploring their world and watching the interaction of their groups. My life has been a joyful journey!

Why I am a Mormon

I was blessed to be born a Mormon - in a family where every family line had sacrificed to cross the plains with official Pioneer Companies. I had the privilege of knowing several of those Pioneers. That heritage, and the strength I received from those ancestors has been incredible in my life! -That is how I was raised a Mormon, but not why I remain Mormon. Today I am a Mormon because I have found and lived what Philip in the Bible talks of - "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus" (Philip. 4:7) and From the Savior, Jesus Christ: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you:not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27.) By nature, I tend to be a "Worry Wart" and every time I get to fretting and worrying or getting depressed because of life's blows and hard knocks - or that the challenges are coming faster, and harder in these scary times; - or as I watch my children and grandchildren loose jobs, be threatened about loosing houses, miss out on education they so desire, or be hit with great health problems, or other challenges; - Or as my husband and I get older and can no longer physically do as much, and are challenged by new things like macular degeneration, arthritis, loss of income, etc., I have lived and proved the words of modern prophets: “But learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.” (D&C 59:23.). I have found I can retain that great peace found in a true belief in a personal Savior and Redeemer and a kind and loving Father in Heaven. Yes, the Lord will take care of our needs and help us overcome those things that worry us, when we do our part, put our faith and trust in him, and concern ourselves with serving him by serving our fellowmenI This brings Peace and comforts me and allows my days to be "joyful".

How I live my faith

The place I have really spent my life is mostly in service to family. To me families are so basic and important that I am willing to "lay down my life" in service to them and am happiest doing things with and for them. I take my responsobility to love and help my family very seriously - And not just immediate family - I have organized, and carried out, many extended family reunions and activities among all our family members and I have created family websites and blogs to help them connect better. In my life and priorities, family comes only after my God. Historically I have been able to do many things to help in our community like co-director of the Mayor's Youth Committee under two different Mayors, Serving on the Fiesta Bowl Parade Committee, directing and teaching parts on the Round Table and Pow-Wow's in the Boy Scouts of America on a District level, doing an anual benefit Puppet Shows for obtaining new books for our Public Library for more than 25 years; also by producing and directing a free Christmas Family Show for more than 40 years; by guest teaching some Puppetry classes, teaching float making for our annual city parade; and to volunteer at the local "feed the hungry" shelter and other shelters and community sponsored charities, etc. It has a been a great blessing to be so highly involved in the Community over the years and had the opportunity to work with and know so many wonderful people within the community - and to do most of those activities in conjunction with my family has brought me "joy". The last 30 years we have done an Annual Free Cousin's Christmas Show done with having my grandchildren (every one of them - some missing at times) perform those shows. It was always chaotic and a real challenge to work every grandchild into the show so they felt good and happy about being there, but the Lord blessed us, and the audiences always seemed to love them, and such family traditions have helped unite our family.

What blessings can we receive through the gift of the Holy Ghost?

Joyzelle (Joy), - 83 years old
This great Peace and Joy I have found in my life, has come through "the Gift of the Holy Ghost" which I received when I was baptized at 8 years of age. It has come and gone during my life with how hard I was trying to live the commandments, and by my personal needs. But I have gradually learned to have it with me and feel it's Peace more and more. It is through having that Spirit to enlighten the mind that one can REALLY know that "Mormonism" and the Book of Mormon are TRUE. I won a four year scholarship in Physics when I graduated from High School and have always leaned toward the "scientific" - everything must be proven - side of things. It has been a real learning experience to develop my abilities to feel His influence and inspiration. -- but what a thrill it is, also, to awaken in the morning with your mind flooded with new insights and understandings; -- or to be studying and suddenly be "guided into all truth". Like wise, when one hits the hardships in life and great problems beyond your own capacities and knowledge, but then can still be able to feel a great calm and "Peace beyond understanding", and "comfort", and to recognize his "Tender Mercies" in your own behalf. When the "Gift of the Holy Ghost" is first given, it is "available" but we still have to ask and learn to be in tune with it and receive it. That is a wonderful process of learning - to plant the "seed" and watch it grow! I truly know that "The Gift of the Holy Ghost" is of infinite worth! Show more Show less