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Hi I'm Grant Oyler

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in Lone Pine California. We raised our 4 sons in Carmel California. I love my family.

About Me

I am a husband of 35 years, A Father of 4 sons. I am a Tile setter/contractor. I love a long hard day at work. I love my wife. My sons and there wife's are a blessing to me. We had some challenges in our family. The hardest was Loosing our First born to Aids at 9 years of age. Our first three Sons where born with Hemophilia. Though challenging I look back on raising these boys with rich memories. They got to live pretty normal lives growing up. And they continue to live real normal lives. I love seeing them maneuver through there challenges with with optimistic enthusiasim. My Grand children are richly adding to our Life. What a wonderful circle.

Why I am a Mormon

My Father and Mother embraced the gospel a few years before i was born. I grew up in a healthy inviroment that included family Prayer every morning. Family Home evenings every monday night. Teaching and stories from the scriptures. And a Mom & Dad that loved and nurtured there children. I wanted and hoped for the same for my wife and children. Though I was raised in this faith i realized when i left home that I needed to have my own experience of coming to a love for God and his son Jesus Christ. It was during my 18th year that I became converted to living the teachings of the savior. I think my mother distiled these teachings in me when i was about 9 years of age. I came in from playing in a big sand pile that was to fill in our new septic system. I came in through my parents room and sat down at my mothers make up desk. She had a small china jar for her modest collection of jewlery. i found Her Diamond engaugment ring. I put it on my finger and went back out to play. I am sure it was the following sunday evening as the six of us where going to bed she called us into the kitchen. She explained that her ingaugment ring was missing. And wondered if any of us new of where it could be? She started with the oldest to the youngest. I was in the middle. When she got to me my heart was pounding and i reallized i had lost it in the sand pile that now filled our new septic system. I lied and denied knowing anything about it. We were all excused for bed and i did not sleep well. The following sunday Mom tried again. Tried the same method as the previous sunday. When it was my turn i lied again. Laying in my bed that night became unbarrable. I slowly made my way to the kitchen sink where my mother was finishing the evening dishes. I leaned up against her and said I lost your ring in the sand pile. My Mother picked me up in her arms. Spun me around twice. And said. Now dont you feel better. This is the saviors example. Thanks Mom

How I live my faith

I serve mostly with the Youth. I enjoy there enthusiassim for Life. I know they are going to be faced with great adversity in living the teachings of the Savior. I hope I can make a difference in there lives. I know that when we are the in the service of our fellow man that we are in the service of God. I have always marveled at the Saviors example before he left his earthly ministry. Here the Savior of the world. The creator of this Earth. Would take the time before he would leave his earthly ministry and wash the feet of his Apostles. Can we even imagine washing someones feet today. I had the privilage of rubbing lotion on my aged Mothers feet. My first thought was, Did you really just ask me to do that Dad. Never wanting to disipoint my father. I began by removing her slippers and looking at those 83 year old crusty feet. I picked one up an began rubbing lotion on and around her foot and ankle and repeated this with the other foot. As i was begining to get comfortalble with this act I thought about the savior and what he was hoping to teach this group of grown deversified men. I dont know that the feet had a whole lot to do with the thrust of the message. No act of love is to small or mundane that it doesnt get noticed if it is expressed through love. Both parties are lifted and strentghened in the act. Both are edified. And God the Father of us all. And his Son Jesus Christ are glorified and pleased that we get it and are following there example. We wash feet today, as we love and serve each other. Thanks Dad and mom for teaching me again. I love you both. And i love that you have shown me how to love God.