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Hi I'm Jennifer

I'm a Mormon. I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a friend.

About Me

I am a woman who believes in equity between men and women. I am the only active member in my family and the only one who would refer to herself as a feminist. I am a mother to four beautiful children and to many other children I work with. Teachers are mothers and fathers as much as they are educators, as we share the responsibilities of raising the next generation of kids and we come to love each of our students as we love our own children. I am a wife who loves and supports her husband, but also helps guide him as he guides me. It is absolutely equitable, as we both have strengths and weaknesses and moments of courage and fear. Each takes a turn leading according to where our partner is in that spectrum. We met in an organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, doing medieval reenactments. We love science fiction and fantasy. We love to read and write. I love to bake, cook, sew and draw...although there isn't enough time for hobbies, currently. We have a son with Aspergers, who functions highly, but has deeply influenced our parenting. Our home can be chaotic at times, but we strive for peace and try to maintain a sense of happiness, light, and laughter. When our littlest one is older, we plan on doing more camping and hiking as a family. My husband is currently in school to follow a dream to become a computer game designer. We are a family who is looking up into the future.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized a member of the church when I was eight, but fell away from the church as a teenager. My family preceded my own choice. I remember praying hard as a teenager that if I continued to make poor choices, and if the church was the one true one, that my records would be lost, necessitating a need to be rebaptized. (I did not understand the power of the Atonement at this time.) As a young woman, I returned to church, and as a young mother I found out that my records had disappeared. My name was even missing from the roles in Salt Lake. As far as the church went, I had never existed. That is where my testimony of the church began. I could have never influenced anything to make that happen. It was a miracle in my life, and a confirmation of the truth of the gospel. I pray for constant understanding and guidance, and the little miracles in my life surprise me. My family moved, once, and we had nothing at the end of a long move. Our money was gone and we had no way to care for ourselves. I prayed hard and did my best to do the right things such as reading my scriptures and paying my tithing. My family never suffered. We sometimes would have only a few dollars left at the end of a month, but I had a job and worked enough to support us. My husband eventually found a job and finances became a little easier. I know that Heavenly Father was watching us and providing for us. I know that my knowledge of the gospel allowed me to know what to do to access the blessings he wants to give me. My faith grew tremendously. I believe we are still growing every day. Our children have grown closer to one another and to us throughout this experience. I know that the gospel is the most accurate church in the world. There are many good religions that each holds a thread or a few threads of the truth, but I know through the power of the Holy Ghost and through my own observations that the Mormon Church comes closest to perfection. Closest to what God wants us to know and to be.

How I live my faith

I have served my church as a nursery leader and as a counselor in the Primary. I currently work with my women's organization in helping with activities each month. As a teacher, I pray to assist the youngsters I work with every day. I pray to know when they need help, and to know how I can best help them. I was once surprised to discover that all I needed to do to help a young lady was to tell her that she was worthy of better friends and that she was a lovely person. (I had observed her friends telling her how weak and incompetent she was in many areas. She laughed along, but I could not believe that she did not feel pain from their words.) I have seen a family that needed assistance and I did my best to make those who could help aware of what they needed. As a result, the problems they were facing were solved. I serve my family by trying to raise empathic, smart, wise children who know how uniquely beautiful and good they are. I try to remind them every day of how worthy they are of all the love that is offered to them from their daddy and myself, from Heavenly Father, from their teachers and friends. In this way, I think I am making the world a better place. That is a direct implication of my faith. If I live my faith, the world will be a better place as I will be a tool of Heavenly Father and bring his light into the humanity. I have my moments of selfishness and exhaustion. Of anxiety and depression. I do not let those feelings keep me down for long, though, because I know that I can make the world a better place. Every time I smile at a stranger or tell the cashier "thank you," or as how someone is doing an take the time to listen. I know this is a power we all have and the world would be happier if we all knew it and lived to make it better. Gandhi said it best when he said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

What blessings can we receive through the gift of the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost is your personal link to Heavenly Father. It is though the Holy Ghost that we receive personal revelation for our lies. Perhaps a better question would be to ask, "What blessing cannot be received through the gift of the Holy Ghost?" Personally, I have avoided calamity in dangerous situations that I had no desire to be in, I have been directed as to how to do the work of my Father, I have received comfort and understanding as a wife and a mother, I have understood gospel questions that I was struggling with, I have been directed to the appropriate place to be when I was unsure of how I should proceed in my life, and the list could go on and on. There are times when I struggle to feel His presence, because I am anxious, upset, or for some reason my own mind and emotions are too loud. In those moments, I pray to have the assistance of the Holy Ghost and, even though I cannot hear Him, I am guided and inspired I discover later. Show more Show less